Friday, July 27, 2012

3 Weeks! Holy Moly! And a Winner!

Well that went fast! In fact, I am positive I may have misplaced a week or two... Pepper has arrived and is growing like a bean.

She's growing a heap since we picked her up from the airport (above) and is full of beans. I can't wait for the mouthing to stop, but all in all she's a good girl - eats well, sleeps well and she's very good at doing her business outside! Needless to say, I've been juggling lots of housetraining and children and work and housework and family and sewing and... I've come to the conclusion that there's not enough hours in the day! I recently lamented this to a colleague who suggested I "sleep less"... but I'm already doing that too! On average I get maybe 6 hours (at most) sleep a night (not always end to end either!)...

Hmm. Anyway. I *still* haven't taken a photo of the prize, but I can tell you it's one of my AMH voile scarves and a Little Apples charm pack and a few other sewing notions.

Thanks for all your comments. I loved reading about how many quilts you'd made and how long you had all been quilting :) So... the winner is: NUMBER 5! Woop Woop thanks Mr Random Number Generator!

Congratulations Miriam! Love that this prize is going to another Kiwi!! I'll flick you an email :)

In other exciting news, I am working my way through my works in progress pile! More on that soon! Until then (and it could be a while!) happy sewing everyone and thanks again for all your lovely comments!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ummm Say What? A Blog Anniversary Giveaway

So it's been three years since I started this wee blog. It sure has gone by so very quickly. During that time I have made a bunch of quilts. More than I would have thought was even possible! I had to go back through my Flickr stream and old blog posts to count more than 35 completed quilts and table runners! Wowsers. I won't add up the cost associated with those finishes!

Here's a few of my favourites...

Bot Camp Twin quilts for Ollie... you should see how big he is against these quilts now. *sob* (2009)

Gus' winter I-Spy quilt (2010)

A gift... but still one of my most favourite quilts of all time. (2010)

A crafty exchange - 1 quilt for 2 gorgeous knitted jackets for our wedding... (2010). This quilt was a challenge for me.... working with fabrics and a design somebody else picked... but actually once the quilt was finished, I loved it. A lot. I still don't know why I haven't made another like it already?!

Gus' Philatelic Socitey quilt - I still have a love hate relationship with this quilt. Sometimes I love it. Sometimes I hate it. I think it has something to do with those 1200 seams... (2011)

Strawberry Triangles - a Christmas gift for the MIL. (2011)

Arcadia for John. I love Arcadia a bunch. Simple but definitely a favourite. (2011)

Gus' Swoon....

Bliss in Patches (2012)

There have been a bunch of other quilts I have loved... and I hope that the next 3 years brings a bunch more too! In honour of 3 years of posting, I am holding a wee giveaway... Leave a comment on this post for a special giveaway -because 3 is the magic number (well according to De La Sol anyway)... I will update this post shortly with a picture of the loot to be won... but don't let that stop you from commenting in the meantime :) I am just not organised enough! There's ways to increase your chances too...

  • Leave a comment for a chance to enter the giveaway (telling me about your most favourite quilt or how long you've been quilting and how many quilts you've made during that time).
  • Become a follower for a second chance to enter the giveaway. If you're already a follower, you already have two chances. Just leave me a comment telling me :)
  • Blog about the giveaway for third chance to enter the giveaway.
Thanks so much to my regular commenters (you know who you are!) for all your encouragement and support the last few years. I have loved getting all your comments - so thank you very much!

Good luck!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Baby Love

I mentioned the other day that we have a few friends expecting at the moment. The other weekend I went to my friend Lizzie's baby shower. I made this quilt for her baby to be nicknamed Skittles.

Can you see the cute monkey quilting? I used some Lightning Bugs for the back and some Freckles for binding. All from my stash! Boom!

This quilt is going to wing it's way to the UK. Close friends of ours welcomed a little boy. Zachary Leon. 9lbs and pure sweetness and all things adorable.

I used up my remaining dots for the backing and love that it's reversible. I used the same Freckles binding.

And next Friday we're having a little baby shower for one of the DH's workmates. She's expecting a little girl. I used a Bliss charm pack for the quilt top and backed the quilt in a sweet pick all over print from the range and also bound the quilt in pink too!

I hope she'll like it!

And here's the owner of the small feet pictured above. He just keeps on getting cuter and cuter. And bigger and bigger. He really is an endless source cuddles and kisses. Love him!

These 3 quilts bring my total of finished quilts year to date to 9!!! Woop Woop! And... I have been working at finishing up a few other projects too! I have one more quilt waiting to be quilted and another top requiring two more rows! Once it's completed, I plan to tackle Oliver's Single Boy quilt and hope to have it finished in time for his fifth birthday in September!

And in other news, Pepper arrives in 5 sleeps! One handful! I hope to whip up a welcome quilt between now and then for her too - so I had better get sewing.

Happy Sewing! x