Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A wee early Christmas present for me!

I am actually blaming Georgia for my recent obsession with all things American Jane... A little while ago Georgia sent me the sweetest parcel, which contained a charm pack of Recess, Wee Play and Snippets. I wasn't quilting when all 3 were released and although a good number of my Flickr favourites contained the prints, I hadn't found any online. I could not believe my luck when I opened my parcel - thank you so much Georgia for sharing these with me!

So to cut a long, obsessive story short... I ended up sneaking in 2 jelly rolls (as well as an extra Wee Play charm pack because the lovely lady happened to mention that they still had 1 charm pack in stock - seemed a little rude not to buy it!) a couple of months ago - 1 Wee Play and 1 Look and Learn with the intention of making these into a hexagon quilt for Gus. I was a little worried that 2 jelly rolls might not be enough for a twin sized quilt, so with the wedding finally complete, I began a little online search for Wee Play fabric. I could not believe my luck when I stumbled across a FQ bundle still at the RRP online. I decided that if it was still there in the morning I would order it. So I did.

I've just finished making a disappearing nine patch quilt with the two charm packs for my cousins wee little guy Theo. I have to confess that parting with that quilt will be rather difficult. It is gorgeous. Even if I do say so myself. It's with the LAQ at the moment, so as soon as it's back I'll share a pic! I've got one quilt to finish before the end of the week for a friend before I can begin playing with these prints again. I can not wait.

Happy sewing!


  1. i am jealous...american jane is one of my absolute favorites

  2. Fun! I just found almost the entire line of Peas and Carrots at a store and bought it... all I could find and plan to mix it with Snippets.

  3. Love these fabrics, so colourful and happy. These will look lovely in quilt.

  4. Good to see you back on your blog, I did begin to wonder what was going on in your world although I did know your wedding must have been taking up a lot of your time. All of you photos are lovely, you all look very happy.

  5. WOW! Really great find! Wee Play is just perfect for little boys I think. :-)

  6. Don't you love a find like that! I am loving the line too and I am working on a hexagon quilt too with it!!


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