Saturday, July 18, 2009

Not a good start....

I didn't really have a good start to this whole blogging thing did I? I make one post and then drop off the face of the earth. Unfortunately I came down with the flu... not so nice! I think that has got to be one of the hardest things about parenting - no sick leave! You can't just curl up in bed and feel miserable. You have to get up. You have to keep going. You have to be a mum and do mum things. Like cooking and cleaning. It stops for no one. And washing. It is never ending!

This week has gone by quickly too! It started out very productive! I was on a roll and was very proud :) Then reality set in on Wednesday - my first day looking after my nephew James. 3 boys under 2. All the boys are exactly 9 months apart and it is amazing how much 9 months makes with their physical and mental development!

I did however manage to knock one item off my list and in time for James' birthday party on Sunday! Although I must confess it was a made dash to the end and I took the cheats way out and made bias binding...

It is hopelessly flawed but the fabric was quite forgiving!! It was my first time machine quilting something this big and it affirmed my decision to get the boys Monkey n Round quilts professionally quilted. It also made me realise that I need to take a class on the best way to baste and machine quilt... so I am looking into that!

Good progess is also being made on the boys Monkey n Round quilts... I am hoping to have the tops finished by the end of the month as I am on a roll! Here's a sneak peek...

Monday, July 6, 2009

Ready or not...

Well here it is - my first ever post. Up until 4 months ago - I didn't even know what a blog was! That is of course until I discovered some fantastic craft blogs and became truly inspired!! This led to a few new projects being started despite my large pile of unfinished projects. I am hopeless. I am too easily distracted. And quite often, when I get to a point that is a bit too tricky or I am not sure how to do it, I move on to another project...

So to help stop the cycle of projects being started and never finished, I am going to keep a blog to help keep me inspired and on track. I am also hoping that it will be an opportunity for those who are much wiser and fantastic to leave words of wisdom, advice and tips!

I made a list of all my infinished projects last night that I want to finish... I was quite shocked at the amount of unfinished projects I have sitting in my box - some of which I couldn't even remember starting!! Naughty naughty naughty. I'd hate to add up the amount I have spent on fabric, cotton, wool and patterns etc only to have them sit in a box.

So here's my list and my target completion month:

1. Nephew's 1st Birthday gift - Merryville by Michael Miller playmat - July

2. Quilted change mat for my good friends little baby girl due any day - July

3. Gus' cot quilt (he's 3 months old now but his early arrival meant I never got to finish) - July

4. Gus' Hare cross stitch - August

5. Quilted change mat for another friend also expecting a baby girl - August

6. Ollie's 2nd Birthday gift - Merryville by Michael Miller playmat - September

7. Gus' Christmas stocking - November

8. Sew Ollie's Christmas stocking - November

9. Ollie's "Big Boy" quilt in Monkey n Round by Moda for Christmas - December

10. Gus' Monkey n Round by Moda quilt for Christmas - December

11. Bookbags for Ollie and nephew James for Christmas - December

Little change mat for friends little girl - it's not completely perfect but hopefully it will be functional and treasured all the same!

I haven't included my attempts to knit on my list of things to do as well as two other quilt tops I started in classes and a couple of other cross stitches... Perhaps you have a list of UFO's too? I'm reassured that I am not alone - perhaps your's is shorter or longer? Well hopefully I will be able to complete some of mine :) I've told myself no new projects until I have finished at least 5 off my list... Unfortunately though I have a burning desire to start another - I just bought the Kit, Chloe and Louise pattern from the amazing Hillary Lang at and I really, really want to start one! I will try to show some self control!

Happy Sewing,