Wednesday, March 23, 2011


clown fish cupcakes by simply-cupcakes
clown fish cupcakes a photo by simply-cupcakes on Flickr.

My little Gus is turning two next week. Two! I can hardly believe it... I am definitely not a baker but I am inspired to make these wee cupcakes. Aren't they cute? Gus loves Finding Nemo so I think he will enjoy these :)

Wish me luck!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Central Park Complete!

It feels great to have at least one WIP completed! This quilt almost bought me to tears though... I picked it up from my LAQ on Wednesday and not thinking twice popped it in the boot. After picking the DH up from the airport and arriving home, I got the quilt out to show my boys and admire the quilting - only to find this

An oil stain. A couple of weeks ago my BF's husband serviced our car and put the remaining oil in the container in the boot in a bag... I didn't realise it had leaked a little. I immediately googled what to do. A few places recommended putting talcolm powder on it. Which I did. After binding the quilt I used a spray cleaner and washed it. The stain is somewhat better - but it's still there. You can see it in the picture below

A friend empathised with me and told me not to worry too much. She said it would only add character and a story in the years to come. Ironically my drive to get this quilt completed and on the bed is because my BF and her hubby are staying here for their last 3 nights in NZ before moving to Australia. They arrive tomorrow.

I love the backing of this quilt... although a part of me wishes I'd used the orange print. The orange in this line is perfection.

All folded and ready for our guests to arrive tomorrow. Oliver is particularly excited that they are coming for a sleepover - although his excitement did fade a little when he realised that their 2 dogs weren't coming to stay. I am looking forward to using this quilt to snuggle under too while watching movies on the couch...

This quilt has got me motivated to finish binding Gus' Philatelic Society quilt and two others. I think this will be a binding week although I am itching to start something new! But I won't. Promise.

Happy sewing!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Parcels make my day...

Especially when they contain the yummiest of all fabrics and they are addressed to me...

Katie Jump Rope remnants...

Flea Market Fancy remnants...

a delicious bundle of Fresh Cottons...

and a City Weekend quilt kit.... Just in case - you know? After the cutest two boys in the world there is a small just in case part of me that is hoarding. A little. But shhhhhhh.

I have an addiction. To fabric. It could be worse.

My darling husband has seen my fabric as an investment since I showed him this thread. He even suggested I buy more (MORE!) fabric... I am not one to argue.

Here's to more works in progress and some pretty's to look at. Cheers.

Reasons to Celebrate

With all that's been happening in the world, it's pretty easy to get caught up in the devastating impacts of earthquakes, tsunami's and more... The tectonic plates around the ring of fire sure are causing a lot of trouble. My guess is that this domino effect of devastating earthquakes has resulted as the plates settle again...

We can only but hope that this will be the end of it. So I am grateful that tomorrow we get to celebrate my nephew Shaun's first birthday. Amongst all that has been going on it's nice to have a reason to rejoice and be happy. Shaun is such the sweetest little guy too. Today I whipped up this wee Dr Seuss memo board for his birthday

I love this fabric a lot... In fact I may just have this exact print in green to make up a memo board for his brother James' third birthday in July... and a few more yards of various Dr Seuss prints with no plans - yet.

My heart goes out to everyone impacted by these earthquakes. Right now, I am going to hug my children tightly and be grateful.

Making Stakements

Oliver: "dad, Dad, DAD... I am asking you a question"
Dad: "What Oliver?"
Oliver: "I want to go see Dora the Explore, Diego and Boots the Monkey, but that's not a question aye? That's a stakement."
Me: "You mean a statement?"
Oliver: "Yeah a statement... that wasn't a question... I'm a bit silly."

At not even 3.5 if Oliver knows the difference between questions and statements, I have serious concerns about what he will learn for the first year or two at school...

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Works in Progress - A Shameful Parade of the Unfinished...

At the moment I have a number of unfinished projects taking up good space in my sewing drawers and on my table. I am a little embarrassed to admit exactly how many projects are still in various stages of the quilting process, but I hope that if share them with you, I will find the motivation to complete them. Every single one!

Yup. I have a lot of projects to complete. These WIP's are all in various stages of production. Some are awaiting binding, some are just blocks, some need quilting and some are just cut waiting to be made into blocks. You should see my "to start" pile... It's equally as big! Flickr. You have a lot to answer for :) and Blogger. So much inspiration. So little time!

Anyway, I am thinking about making this a regular feature by selecting one project each month to finish... Who know's - some months I might finish more! On the first of each month I'll share a project with you and by the end of the month, I will hope to share it again with you in it's completed state or at least a quilt top!

Would you like to join in? Do you have a number of unfinished projects you'd like to see completed by the end of the year? If you want to join in, I'll figure out how to make a button and a linky thingy me jig.

Here's to a year of actually finishing projects! Wish me luck!