Monday, September 26, 2011

A little help needed from my friends...

Sometimes when I start making something, I get pained with uncertainty that I haven't picked the 'right' pattern or the 'right' fabric... I am currently experiencing that with my Children at Play Swoon quilt. I love the fabric. I love the Swoon pattern... but I am wondering if the two are the right match?

Please excuse the crinkles. This is my latest block... I am a little annoyed with the stripes. I couldn't get them to all match - and the perfectionist in me is a little frustrated. I don't know if I should keep going? I've made 5 out of 9 blocks. Perhaps I just shouldn't use the stripes and continue with the quilt? Or perhaps I should abort now, and make something else?

Here's my other 4 blocks just in case you've forgotten what they look like...

What do you think? What would you do?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WIP Wednesday #3

Where oh where do the weeks go? I can't believe we are already nearing the end of September. Yesterday we celebrated this little man's 4th birthday.

I can hardly believe that this was Oliver 4 years ago...

Now he's walking, talking, learning, laughing and a heap of fun. Not to mention challenging from time to time. I can't remember life without him anymore. He's a very special little man.

Anyhow, I've managed to miss a bunch of these WIP Wednesdays. Mostly because I get to Thursday and suddenly realise that Wednesday has been and gone and then before I know it, another week has gone!

So, here's what I am working on:
  • Gus' Swoon quilt in Children at Play (4.5 blocks to go!)
  • Strawberry Fields Triangle Quilt (binding! Thanks Viv for quilting it for me!)
  • Seeing Pink! a dolls quilt (birthday pressie)
I need to start:
  • Little Apples Single Boy Quilt
  • Arcardia DNP for John
Here's what is still on hold:
  • Look and Play Hexagon quilt
  • Dance with Me quilt
  • Supersize Me DNP Wee Play
  • Bliss in Patches
Don't forget to check out what everyone else is up to this week...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

4 seasons in 1 day...

Wellington is well known for it's changeable weather. This morning when we left, the weather was quite warm. Over lunch dark clouds rolled in, followed by the biggest hail storm I've ever seen in my LIFE. See that white stuff all over the port? (view from our office) That's hail the size of marbles! It was very impressive with thunder and lightning to boot. It made for one exciting break in work this afternoon.

Busted Buster!

It's official. My stash has exceeded storage capacity in my home. I have two real options:

  1. Use up my stash and take a hiatus from fabric shopping.
  2. Buy more storage.
As tempting as option 2 is, it doesn't really solve the issue. You see last year I was *mostly* good at not buying fabric. This year I have been super, uber naughty and I have a ridiculous amount of lovely fabrics to show for it. This would be fabulous if I'd managed to make them into quilts already - except its all sitting unused in tubs or drawers.

My biggest fear is that I won't love them by the time I get around to using them! So, to help motivate me to use what I have, I have officially banned myself from more fabric purchases (for the time being at least until a significant dent is made in my stash). I will only be allowed to buy fabric for backing, binding and sashing to finish quilts! As luck would have it, the last of my fabric splurges arrived in the post today...

More Children at Play (from the Fat Quarter Shop)

Flannel backing fabric (my favourite!)

More Children at Play. Yes I am obsessed.

Annies Farm Stand. These happened to hop into my cart.

I love Children at Play. I started out buying the boys prints, then I decided to stock up on the girls prints. Surely *someone* will have a little girl soon! We've had a run of boys being born left right and centre. Anyway, these pretty pinks and soft blues are very sweet and I am looking forward to having a reason to sew with them!

I have no plans for Annies Farm Stand. Yet. I thought I might use them in my Farmers Wife Quilt - when I finally get to it!

Check back this week... I will be hosting another giveaway!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

{enter good title here}

Forgive the title of this post. My brain is on holiday.The past few weeks have been a blur. I've been travelling a lot for work - all over the countryside and even a quick trip to Melbourne - and my poor little Gus came down with a nasty gastro bug that saw us housebound for 5 days. By day 3 I'd completed 22 loads of washing. A mixture of towels, sheets and clothing. Inevitably whenever Gus vomited, he'd get me too and the same applied when the vomiting swiftly moved to diarrhoea. A change of clothes for him. A change of clothes for me. And a shower together in between.

Stupidly the morning after the first episode of vomiting I assumed it was a 24 hour bug and took the DH to the airport (he was out of town working for the first 3 days of the bug - super fun!). Gus was 'perkier' and I decided a trip to the airport and the garden centre was a good idea since the weather was perfect and Ollie wanted to plant some strawberries. Of course, Gus vomited all over me at the garden centre and as my trolly was already loaded with potted colour, potting mix, strawberry plants and a bunch of other bits, I was forced to pay in my vomit covered state (sooo embarrassing! You could definitely tell the mums at the centre - I got empathetic looks and offers of help! The non parents looked horrified. Just you wait!).

The bug continued without let up until Wednesday. Thank goodness. In between playing nurse and cleaner, I didn't get too much time to sew, but I did finish this second swoon block.

And now that things have returned to normal, I've managed to finish up two more blocks.

4 blocks complete. 5 to go! I am getting quicker with each block... but they do require a little more focus than I am used to. I am a somewhat lazy quilter. I like nice and easy, no real thought blocks most of the time. But I am pleased with how this quilt is coming together.

I do have a question for you though, usually I am a 2fer girl. In that, I like to make things in twos when they are for the boys (and buy things in two etc). Two Dick and Jane baby quilts. Two Bot Camp quilts. I figure the boys will quite possibly share a room in the very near future. As such, I've invested in enough Children at Play to make another quilt.

So here's my question: Should I make a matching Swoon quilt? Or something similar but different with the fabrics? Would love to hear your thoughts. And if I was to do something different, what would you suggest?

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend. Mine has been quite lovely. Pity tomorrow is Monday. Here's hoping my Monday is made better by the arrival of a parcel I've been waiting for!