Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Busted Buster!

It's official. My stash has exceeded storage capacity in my home. I have two real options:

  1. Use up my stash and take a hiatus from fabric shopping.
  2. Buy more storage.
As tempting as option 2 is, it doesn't really solve the issue. You see last year I was *mostly* good at not buying fabric. This year I have been super, uber naughty and I have a ridiculous amount of lovely fabrics to show for it. This would be fabulous if I'd managed to make them into quilts already - except its all sitting unused in tubs or drawers.

My biggest fear is that I won't love them by the time I get around to using them! So, to help motivate me to use what I have, I have officially banned myself from more fabric purchases (for the time being at least until a significant dent is made in my stash). I will only be allowed to buy fabric for backing, binding and sashing to finish quilts! As luck would have it, the last of my fabric splurges arrived in the post today...

More Children at Play (from the Fat Quarter Shop)

Flannel backing fabric (my favourite!)

More Children at Play. Yes I am obsessed.

Annies Farm Stand. These happened to hop into my cart.

I love Children at Play. I started out buying the boys prints, then I decided to stock up on the girls prints. Surely *someone* will have a little girl soon! We've had a run of boys being born left right and centre. Anyway, these pretty pinks and soft blues are very sweet and I am looking forward to having a reason to sew with them!

I have no plans for Annies Farm Stand. Yet. I thought I might use them in my Farmers Wife Quilt - when I finally get to it!

Check back this week... I will be hosting another giveaway!


  1. Oh dear what a problem!!! Lol
    You know I have that problem too... there is just too many great fabrics out there and not enough time.
    I think Annies Farm will look fabulous for the FWQ.

  2. Well Mrs S, I will believe it when I see it! ;-)

  3. I love flannel backing for quilt too.
    I have a lot of children at play fabric on its way too - isn't it gorgeous!

  4. Oh who cares? You can't have too much fabric honestly! I LOVE the prints of the children at play!!! Too cute. Why don't you make quilts and sell them?

  5. Oops. =) I know the feeling...I need to get busy!

  6. Oh I am definitely eyeing up more storage! Love love love Children at Play fabric (and Children at School reality!).

  7. oh me oh my those pinks and blues are truely scrumptious


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