Friday, April 29, 2011

A hunting we will go...

Easter came and went - much too quickly if you ask me.

Gus on a mission...

The boys went on an Easter egg hunt at Nana's and found far too many eggs!

My nephew James - gone "bush".

28 Easter eggs of varying sizes for 4 boys.

Oliver with his eggs.

See that wee yellow bucket. I thought it would suffice for his hunt.
Turns out Nana had other ideas ;)

The weather was pretty miserable. Perfect for a hot lunch though.
And in between the rain showers, the boys managed to get outside
a couple of times in the hope of seeing the Easter Bunny. He's a
pretty swift character though that Easter Bunny.

On another note... I'll be having a giveaway here starting Sunday of a FQ bundle of these

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Good things take time

Good things take time.

Sometimes they take longer than a year.

But that's ok.

It feels great to have this quilt top complete.

Good things take time.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Progress and a Little Help Needed...

My WIP pile is decreasing. This weekend I managed to finish up my Mendocino quilt. Last year, the DH said I could buy some fabric for my birthday. I spent a small fortune and quite a bit of time tracking down the illusive Mendocino by Heather Ross. My obsession started here. I can't wait to get this quilt off to the LAQ.

Sorry for the poor images...

This is definitely the largest quilt I've made - 83" square!

What do you think I should bind it with though? I am going to get a plain sheet for the backing (lazy I know!). I am just not sure what to use for binding? I have some of the blush kelp stripe? Or should I use a solid? Perhaps aqua? or how about in the fuschia? Thoughts? Please share.

So now that's another project ticked of the list! Check back tomorrow, I have a couple more to share :) This one thing at a time is really working!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Simplify. Focus. Succeed.

I recently read a blog post which I connected to - it was almost as though it was written about me. The truth is I do struggle to do one thing at a time. It's what I call the Mary complex... you know "Mary Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow? With silverbells and cockle shells and pretty maids all in a row."

I often find myself doing little bits of lots of things in parrallel which isn't really working very well for me anymore. With what I refer to as 'post baby' memory, I find myself quite scattered and forgetful. Add to that the complexity of working full time and raising two boys, managing a house and a large WIP pile - it's no wonder my brain gets a bit overwhelmed and muddled. But I've realised that complex doesn't have to be complicated. I'd recommend watching this if you have time one day - "How complexity leads to simplicity"  by Eric Berlow. ( is a great website for listening to some very smart people and ideas.)

So I am trying to change. Instead of looking at everything that needs to be done, I am trying to focus on just one (or two at the most!) things at a time at home and at work too. It's helping. It allows my brain to slow down a little and I don't feel so overwhelmed about my giant to do list. I've prioritised my list so I know that everything will get done as it's needed.

This month there are 3 quilty things I want to do - finish the Easter quilt, finish the Recess Lunch Money quilt and finish my Mendocino quilt top. So far I've finished the Easter quilt! Tick! The Recess Lunch Money quilt is just waiting for me to hand stitch the binding down (just need to pick up some thread) and my Mendocino blocks went from

7 blocks with 57 to go...

... to 26 blocks with 38 to go...

to complete. 64 blocks in 4 days. Oh yeah :)

This weekend I hope to finalise the layout of my blocks. I will do something quite similar to Dana's original layout here with colour blocks - blush, gold, fuschia, orange and aqua. That will have to wait until my well intentioned helpers are in bed. In the meantime we'll bake together, do some puzzles and paintings, go watch Uncle Joe play rugby and have a lot of cuddles.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Philatelic Society - Complete!

Last week I finished sewing the binding on this quilt... Just in time for Gus' birthday. I forgot to take a photo of it drying on the clothes line, so these will have to do!

Here it is with all his teds. It's funny... when I started this quilt I loved and loathed it at the same time. By the time the top was finished I was over it. So it sat unfinished for a while... until I realised that I wouldn't have Gus' hexagon quilt completed in time... so this became the birthday quilt. Even when it was finished, I wasn't sure how I felt about it. But now that it is on his bed, I do love it a lot.

The quilting is an all over baby animal print, the photo doesn't really do it justice but there is bunnies, fish, frogs, elephants and more. Gus likes it. The backing is a very soft lemon colour. Cheap and cheerful from Spotlight.

So that's another one crossed of the list! Still a few more to go. I've two new self imposed rules - no more fabric, and no starting any new projects until my WIP's are complete. I plan to finish up my Mendocino quilt first. The nights are getting much cooler and we've been sleeping under the Central Park quilt. Even the DH hasn't complained about having a quilt on the bed - it adds quite a nice weight and warmth at night... it's just a bit small. I want to make the Mendocino quilt big enough for our bed although I have a feeling that might be a bit ambitious, so I will see how I get on. Wish  me luck!

Dinosaurs and more...

So I know the plan was to have Nemo cupcakes... but when I found this picture on Flickr I was amazed! Then I found some dinosaur cookie cutters in Australia and the party took on a theme of its own!

Warning: this is a pretty heavy picture post :)

My SIL is amazing. See those dinosaurs... she made them.

Every single one.

And eggs too. She is very clever. We have a deal. I sew. She bakes. Works for me :)

I also bought the boys some cute dinosaur costumes to match. I'd orginally planned to make something myself... then I found these on Felt! Aren't they awesome? You can order them here from Wild Ones. Angelique was so sweet and made these overnight for me. I plan to order the Shark's too.

My nephew Jamesosaurus and Oliveraptor. Might need to order one for James too!

Dinosaurs were hatching everywhere and hiding in the food... The boys loved finding all the dinosaurs. We also had a dinosaur egg hunt in the backyard, as well as a fossil hunt.


And here is the birthday boy himeself. A little overwhelmed with all the fuss. I can't believe my baby is 2 already! Time sure does fly when you are having fun (and doing a lot of washing and changing bottoms!).

So there you have it. I survived yet another birthday party! Thank goodness the next one isn't  until September!