Friday, April 29, 2011

A hunting we will go...

Easter came and went - much too quickly if you ask me.

Gus on a mission...

The boys went on an Easter egg hunt at Nana's and found far too many eggs!

My nephew James - gone "bush".

28 Easter eggs of varying sizes for 4 boys.

Oliver with his eggs.

See that wee yellow bucket. I thought it would suffice for his hunt.
Turns out Nana had other ideas ;)

The weather was pretty miserable. Perfect for a hot lunch though.
And in between the rain showers, the boys managed to get outside
a couple of times in the hope of seeing the Easter Bunny. He's a
pretty swift character though that Easter Bunny.

On another note... I'll be having a giveaway here starting Sunday of a FQ bundle of these


  1. Sweet giveaway! I had to laugh at the yellow bucket being big enough for his egg hunt ;-) I am with Nana!

  2. Love the pictures of your boys! Oh, when mine were that little...LOL

    This year they got things like money, new swimsuit for lifeguarding certification and just a wee bit of candy.

    Love the DS material!

  3. i love the easter egg hunt pictures!!! those look like amazing eggs


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