Saturday, April 9, 2011

Simplify. Focus. Succeed.

I recently read a blog post which I connected to - it was almost as though it was written about me. The truth is I do struggle to do one thing at a time. It's what I call the Mary complex... you know "Mary Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow? With silverbells and cockle shells and pretty maids all in a row."

I often find myself doing little bits of lots of things in parrallel which isn't really working very well for me anymore. With what I refer to as 'post baby' memory, I find myself quite scattered and forgetful. Add to that the complexity of working full time and raising two boys, managing a house and a large WIP pile - it's no wonder my brain gets a bit overwhelmed and muddled. But I've realised that complex doesn't have to be complicated. I'd recommend watching this if you have time one day - "How complexity leads to simplicity"  by Eric Berlow. ( is a great website for listening to some very smart people and ideas.)

So I am trying to change. Instead of looking at everything that needs to be done, I am trying to focus on just one (or two at the most!) things at a time at home and at work too. It's helping. It allows my brain to slow down a little and I don't feel so overwhelmed about my giant to do list. I've prioritised my list so I know that everything will get done as it's needed.

This month there are 3 quilty things I want to do - finish the Easter quilt, finish the Recess Lunch Money quilt and finish my Mendocino quilt top. So far I've finished the Easter quilt! Tick! The Recess Lunch Money quilt is just waiting for me to hand stitch the binding down (just need to pick up some thread) and my Mendocino blocks went from

7 blocks with 57 to go...

... to 26 blocks with 38 to go...

to complete. 64 blocks in 4 days. Oh yeah :)

This weekend I hope to finalise the layout of my blocks. I will do something quite similar to Dana's original layout here with colour blocks - blush, gold, fuschia, orange and aqua. That will have to wait until my well intentioned helpers are in bed. In the meantime we'll bake together, do some puzzles and paintings, go watch Uncle Joe play rugby and have a lot of cuddles.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Good job, Lara! I struggle with the same thing sometimes. Right now my main job is to keep my house clean and looking good for showings. Not so much fun.

  2. Oh my goodness - I *love* your Mendocino pinwheels! It makes me wish I had some Mendocino fabric, and it makes me want to make another pinwheel quilt (one of my all time faves) - with all prints this time rather than my usual print + white. Yum!

  3. Wow you sure do get lots of quilts made. How long have you been making them for? I've not done any of mine in months which isn't good but I've been busy with several other things. I really must finish at least two of them in the next couple of weeks. I love your latest one. I learnt how to make pinwheels recently, so much fun.


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