Monday, April 11, 2011

Progress and a Little Help Needed...

My WIP pile is decreasing. This weekend I managed to finish up my Mendocino quilt. Last year, the DH said I could buy some fabric for my birthday. I spent a small fortune and quite a bit of time tracking down the illusive Mendocino by Heather Ross. My obsession started here. I can't wait to get this quilt off to the LAQ.

Sorry for the poor images...

This is definitely the largest quilt I've made - 83" square!

What do you think I should bind it with though? I am going to get a plain sheet for the backing (lazy I know!). I am just not sure what to use for binding? I have some of the blush kelp stripe? Or should I use a solid? Perhaps aqua? or how about in the fuschia? Thoughts? Please share.

So now that's another project ticked of the list! Check back tomorrow, I have a couple more to share :) This one thing at a time is really working!


  1. I think a solid for the binding, probably in that darker pink. It looks fabulous!!!

  2. The fuschia for sure! It would give it a nice strong border. Solid would be fine as long as the colour matched the quilt. You've done good girl!! Real good. You are just smacking them out one after the other at the mo. Don't tell my mother, but I've actually finished the quilting on her birthday surprise quilt!! Thanks for motivating me. Off to make the scrappy binding now!

  3. Yes I agree a solid in the fuschia or the aqua would just tie it all together. It's beautiful!

  4. This is so lovely! I vote for aqua, but I'm not there to see how it looks and it really has to be a color you just love!

    Awesome finish!

  5. Either the fuschia or orange - something strong. I agree with Alisa, it looks great.

  6. I agree with the lovely ladies but you have prolly finished it now - its lovely and I love those prints!


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