Sunday, September 4, 2011

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Forgive the title of this post. My brain is on holiday.The past few weeks have been a blur. I've been travelling a lot for work - all over the countryside and even a quick trip to Melbourne - and my poor little Gus came down with a nasty gastro bug that saw us housebound for 5 days. By day 3 I'd completed 22 loads of washing. A mixture of towels, sheets and clothing. Inevitably whenever Gus vomited, he'd get me too and the same applied when the vomiting swiftly moved to diarrhoea. A change of clothes for him. A change of clothes for me. And a shower together in between.

Stupidly the morning after the first episode of vomiting I assumed it was a 24 hour bug and took the DH to the airport (he was out of town working for the first 3 days of the bug - super fun!). Gus was 'perkier' and I decided a trip to the airport and the garden centre was a good idea since the weather was perfect and Ollie wanted to plant some strawberries. Of course, Gus vomited all over me at the garden centre and as my trolly was already loaded with potted colour, potting mix, strawberry plants and a bunch of other bits, I was forced to pay in my vomit covered state (sooo embarrassing! You could definitely tell the mums at the centre - I got empathetic looks and offers of help! The non parents looked horrified. Just you wait!).

The bug continued without let up until Wednesday. Thank goodness. In between playing nurse and cleaner, I didn't get too much time to sew, but I did finish this second swoon block.

And now that things have returned to normal, I've managed to finish up two more blocks.

4 blocks complete. 5 to go! I am getting quicker with each block... but they do require a little more focus than I am used to. I am a somewhat lazy quilter. I like nice and easy, no real thought blocks most of the time. But I am pleased with how this quilt is coming together.

I do have a question for you though, usually I am a 2fer girl. In that, I like to make things in twos when they are for the boys (and buy things in two etc). Two Dick and Jane baby quilts. Two Bot Camp quilts. I figure the boys will quite possibly share a room in the very near future. As such, I've invested in enough Children at Play to make another quilt.

So here's my question: Should I make a matching Swoon quilt? Or something similar but different with the fabrics? Would love to hear your thoughts. And if I was to do something different, what would you suggest?

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend. Mine has been quite lovely. Pity tomorrow is Monday. Here's hoping my Monday is made better by the arrival of a parcel I've been waiting for!


  1. I've got one of each so I am never really faced with that decision, however, I know my friend who has 2 boys who are 18 months apart, always feels what she does for one she has to do for the other. I make mine wait .. .. .. if he did something at 3 she has to wait until 3. They both have quilts made by me but oh so different (obviously) even their Christmas Quilts (so recent post) are the same but yet different.
    SORRY to hear about so much sickness you poor things xxx

  2. Oh no - the d&v sounds horrific!!
    Having twin girls, I am definitely one for making/buying 2 the same, or the same but different colours; and to be honest, the Swoon pattern is so brilliant I'd be making one each for the whole family!! Having said that, dear son gets usually gets something different.
    Not much help eh!?

  3. Gah that sounds awful. Reminds me of the time I was vomited on in Noel Leemings while trying to purchase new whiteware :-(
    My vote on your fabrics? I say same but different - go on - try something new! Then they'll look matching but not tooooo matching.

  4. Oh you poor thing I too would have assumed it to be a 24 hour thing... pleased to hear everyone is well again now. I love those swoon blocks... maybe if you normally make two of everything you could make something different this time with the same fabrics... Hope your week goes well...

  5. Oh man, you would just have to laugh or else you would cry when faced with all those awful situations. I hope you laughed. Poor you covered in vomit!

    I love your new patches. They look perfect. I wouldn't make the boys the same quilts. Kids like different things and sharing a room sometimes doesn't work as planned - been there! Do you like hearing your children awake at 5am? Who cares if they don't have matching quilts anyway? Lots of colour is the way to go.

    Here's to a better week for you. I hope you find time to relax a little.

  6. That bug sounds really awful! I can remember my youngest having a similar bug when she was barely 1 year and it felt like she had vomited in every room of the house. Not pleasant! Your blocks are really looking lovely. I would perhaps do the same pattern but swap the colours around a little or if you want to do something slightly different perhaps stick with a star block theme then they will still look good together.

  7. oh you poor thing...i am so sorry about all the sick shenanigans....i hope that he is feeling better and that it does not spread around your house.

    i love the matching quilt ideas!!! these blocks are stunning

  8. Oh - yucko! You have been busy indeed! I hope that little Gus is well on his way to recovery now. My kids always seem to get that kind of thing when I am home alone with them too. It almost seems like a conspiracy of some kind. ;-)
    Your Swoon blocks are looking FAB! Love, love, love them! Of course, I am yet to start mine... Last week was a complete write-off with all the ballet caper, so I hope to make a start this week.
    Sorry I've been a bit crap with emails (busy, busy), but I have been thinking of you!

  9. Sorry your little one was so sick! We had one of those stomach bugs rampage through our household one year! The laundry is never ending, thank goodness we also have a powder room, lol.

    I would say two different quilts for the same room, or slightly different. Not sure what would be complimentary to swoon though, sorry I'm no help, lol!

  10. What a nasty bug! I have yet to see a bad Swoon block. Your blocks look lovely.

  11. I've seen those beautiful Swoon blocks popping up all over blogland and now think I might have to take the plunge myself! Yours are gorgeous!!!


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