Monday, June 14, 2010

Ollie's new winter quilt - a WIP

or this post could also be called the continued monkey n round saga!

Oliver decided he'd quite like a new quilt too...  so last night I began playing around with these prints and decided upon this simple layout. What do you think? Honestly? Obviously there is quite a few blocks missing! But you can kind of get the idea?

I still love the sawtooth star block I tried out last month, but these blocks are so much quicker to put together and bigger too! So hopefully I can finish this quickly, get it quilted and onto his bed! It's been very cold the last few nights,  so I am  keen to settle on a pattern for my Mendocino too to keep warm!


  1. Cute! And I think a young one would appreciate a simpler layout with bigger blocks to look at. And if he's anything like my son, something that will be finished quickly.

  2. I like this layout. Sometimes a simple layout is better for making the fabrics stand out.

  3. I love those monkeys! I think this is a great layout for a little boy. I don't think they appreciate the block construction as much as the fabric and snuggliness factor.

  4. I like it a lot! Hi! Been missing you, I have neglected the blogs lately but needed to pop in to see you for a sec!



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