Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sweet windmills...

Just so you don't think I am a complete slacker... I have made two blocks so far for Aprha's baby shower. Aphra chose the Sweet charm pack in my stash which will go perfectly in the baby's room. Only 10 more blocks to make :) Then a bunch of Prarie Points! Thankfully its a long weekend! And the weather is miserable (again!) today - so looks like we'll be staying in :) Perfect for sewing.

And when I don't have energy to sew, I like to just pet these little beauties...

I've just got another 1/2 yard to arrive (yep I was naughty!) of the aqua swimming mermaids which is ridiculously hard to find and a bit more expensive than I care to mention! And then to settle on a pattern....


  1. Good luck with the prarie points!!! I spotted a quilt with that pattern no tso long ago - it must have been on flickr - and they said that they didn't use as many prarie points as the pattern said and left a small gap between each one and it was much easier to do.

  2. Found it -

  3. You've accummulated quite a stash of mendocino there. I found a lovely quilt made in the pink colourway that made think of your collection.


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