Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The prarie points and me!

Finished! Well kinda. Still needs quilting and binding...

I almost didn't add the prarie points. Eech.... They ought to come with a warning when ironing. I burnt myself. More than once. They were surprisingly easy to sew, but definitely a clunky seam to press. I am not sure how to quilt this one - suggestions? oooh and what on earth to back this with? I'll have to pop into my LQS tomorrow before whipping this to my LAQ. She's already finished Gus' quilt... so I will be picking that up tomorrow. I can't wait to see it and bind it!

And this is where this little quilt will be soon :) Aren't those wee birds above the curtains cool?!
They are wall paper cut outs!

Happy sewing!


  1. the prairie points look fantastic

  2. The prairie points really add to the quilt, I bet you're glad you did do them. I've never tried them but am encouraged to read that you found them surprisingly easy to sew - they certainly look difficult!

  3. Aw your quilt is so cute. Love the prairie points!! The birds look so sweet sitting over the window.

  4. This has turned out beautiful Lara and the prairie points look great.


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