Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The weather outside is frightful...

Tonight the temperature has dropped significantly, and hail and sleet are are coming down with the pouring rain outside. I always get nervous when it rains like this because the back of our property completely drops away and I half expect the garage to disappear...

Anyway, with the temperature being in the wee single figures, I thought I would baste Gus' winter quilt tonight after managing to find some wool batting for $17 per metre! HUGE price difference! It definitely pays to shop around. Anyway, I basted the quilt - doing my absolute best to ensure that the backing, batting and top were nice and flat. I pinned every patterned charm square.

 See the Monkey N Round flannel in blue - that's what I chose as my backing :)

And then I attempted to sew. 1/4" straight lines either side of the squares. It didn't work so well... It kept bunching. I am not sure if it's because

a) I am useless (extremely possible - the actual quilting part scares me a lot so I like to 'outsource')
b) the wool batting is rather stretchy - more so than just cotton or cotton/bamboo so the stitches were not even
c) the flannel backing made the quilting more difficult

I am going to go with d) all of the above :)

So, I have already unpicked my stitches and shortly I will begin taking the pins out. Tomorrow (weather permitting) I will drop this quilt off to my LAQ and I'll let her do a lovely job :) I am sitting under the quilt at the moment, and Georgia you are sooo right! It is delightfully warm!!!! I am so toasty warm. I can't wait for this to be in Gus' cot. I think I might beg Sue to hurry!

So, I will try to quilt again, but I think it's best if I practice my skills on quilts that aren't as stretchy. How on earth do you guys do it?


  1. Hi Lara

    Freezing here too. The hill road was closed so Ian had to get the train home, which meant I had to go out in the horrible weather to pick him up, sucky!!

    Are you using a walking foot for your quilting??

  2. Are you using a walking foot on your machine?
    I haven't used flannel before, so not sure how that would affect it. I really find free-motion easier than straight lines. My straight lines are very un-straight indeed!

  3. did you try it with a walking foot...they make straight line so much easier.

  4. Hope you survived the wild weather last night! we have gale-force winds predicted here tonight, so it looks like you've sent it westwards to us! ;-)


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