Monday, June 7, 2010

Mending Week Finishes

When I saw that the girls from Making More with Less were hosting a mending week, I knew it was just the kick I needed to finally mend my 'mend it' pile... Most of the items have been in the pile for months - and now they are finally done. Buttons, bust seams and a patch (although a very wonky patch - aaah well they're only for daycare!)...

I even mended my rosary beads my MIL bought in Fatima. Oliver kindly 'unmended' them for me last week. They're not quite as they were - I think a bead or two may have got lost in translation somewhere (read the couch). 

All I need to do now is figure out the best way to make a label for Ollie's quilt where a small seam has popped :(
I've hand stitched it down but it looks pretty silly - luckily it's on the back and I never did quite label it in time for Christmas. So if you've got any label making tips - please share!!

Thanks for hosting mending week Alisa and Suzanne!


  1. There is something very satisfying about mending. I have a pile in my sewing room that grows and my boys know that if they put something on it I'll eventually work on it. It's nice to give them back something that must have cared enough about to ask to get it fixed.

  2. Feels good doesn't it! Thanks for joining!


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