Sunday, June 6, 2010

I Spy - a wee WIP

I should be working on this wee quilt here for my cousins baby shower in a fortnight - but instead I've been working on piecing this wee I Spy quilt top. This quilt started out with no real intention other than it was inspired by this cute quilt here by Amy. I purchased the charm pack from Amy's Etsy store and added a few prints. As I was working on this quilt I fell in love with all the prints, so this will be a winter cot quilt for my Gus.

A closer shot of some of the prints. Love those robots and those wee gnomes. A lot.

See the Simple Abundance, Wonderland, Everything But The Kitchen Sink, Mendocino and Odyssea in there?

I originially wanted to border this in red, but my LQS didn't have anything in the 'right' red. I had both the boys with me, so I really didn't want to try another store in the City. I'd promised Fluffy's and a trip to the park if they were good. So in the end I went with two more of the Everything But the Kitchen Sink prints for the borders. A nice orange spot. And the circus print in blue. I really like that blue - and it will match his curtains perfectly.

I am going to back this quilt in my most favourite cot sheet that both the boys have slept on. I think. If I can bare to cut into it. I am still using it as a sheet at the moment but I really want to immortalise it. It's a Curious George print I picked up when I was in my first trimester with Ollie. We didn't know he was a boy yet but I was pretty sure :) So I bought the fabric and whipped up some lovely flannel cot sheets. This quilt will have a wool/cotton inner. The pure wool batting costs $56 a metre!

Happy Sewing! 


  1. Sheesh! You'd think wool batting would be as cheap as chips in NZ! I think it is about half that price here, and I was complaining about that!
    I love the idea of an I Spy quilt. I can imagine hours of fun with it, and it will be one of those things that they look back on when they are grown up - "remember that quilt...". :-)

  2. Isn't wool batting ridiculously expensive now! Actually decent batting in general is expensive!

  3. Oh, it is so sweet! I'm in love with all the prints you've added!


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