Saturday, July 17, 2010


It's been a month since my last post. I have been hibernating. The boys have been taking it in turns to be sick. The DP is sick. I've been sick. It's been very wet and my washing pile keeps multiplying. Add to that planning a wedding, working full time, trying to run a house and a surprise birthday party and you can probably guess why I've been missing. Ohhh and a new baby. My cousin had her wee boy last week. They named him Theodore Rupert... isn't that the sweetest name. I'm going to call him Teddy :) He was 9lb 2oz and has the cutest chubby cheeks. He is exquisite.

So amongst all the madness I haven't touched my sewing maching for about a month. Apart from Bee Blocks. I am having withdrawals but just can't quite seem to get myself motivated to sew right now. Did I mention that the DP is away every week for a night too?

Anyway... I have bought myself some hexagons to join the hexagon madness and hope that this will be a nice crafty outlet when I just can't find the energy to sew. I have also binged on some fabric. Just waiting for it to arrive in the post!

What did arrive in the post yesterday morning was our wedding invitations! Exciting! Now to address and post. That'll be a task for tomorrow. Today I am just going to hibernate some more. And maybe play with some fabric. Oh and do some washing.

Do you ever loose your sewing mojo too? How do you find it again?


  1. You're so busy! I'm sure as soon as you're all settled down and things are calm you'll be aching to make a new quilt. Especially with a new sweet baby around. Is it your wedding? If so, congratulations!!

    I'm not sewing either because it's about a million degrees here and very humid (you think I'm exaggerating .. but I'm NOT). It really sucks the urge to do anything productive right out of you.

  2. mine(mojo) was gone gone gone...while i was morning sick...but now it is back. there is some magic switch that makes it just come back. one day you feel motivated again.

  3. Don't worry your mojo will come back, mine goes AWOL every now and then, usually when I'm overwhelmed and just need to sort out prioritites. Hope everyone is on the mend soon. I've done your bee block and posted it, no communication with it though as I've lost my mojo for communication :-( No reflection on you, I'm just tired of online stuff at the moment and would rather talk to people in person. We should catch up again soon.

  4. Hi Lara, so nice to hear from you. I hope you are all better now. Real life taking over, it happens... I am going to disappear for a bit myself soon... Sometimes you have to prioritise.. Your mojo will come back, no worries, one day you will get inspired by something you see and off you go... you just need a bit of time and peace ..(hard to find that with little ones!! I know!).

  5. You have so much on your plate that it's hardly surprising something has to give. It's winter there too which is not always the best time for inspiration. Don't worry, one day you'll just feel like doing a little stitching and then your mojo will be back. In the meantime, try and enjoy what you're doing. Big hugs, Lis x

  6. I think it will come back when you don't have so much on your plate! lol don't worry just enjoy the season you are in, sounds cheesy but it's true you only get one chance to plan a wedding so, enjoy the process!

  7. I somehow missed this post from you!
    My sewing mojo (and embroidery mojo) go missing every now and then too. I'm sure it happens to us all! Sewing something that's quick and easy and that you *know* you can do well can help to get it back, but sometimes...well, you just need a break!


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