Saturday, March 12, 2011

Parcels make my day...

Especially when they contain the yummiest of all fabrics and they are addressed to me...

Katie Jump Rope remnants...

Flea Market Fancy remnants...

a delicious bundle of Fresh Cottons...

and a City Weekend quilt kit.... Just in case - you know? After the cutest two boys in the world there is a small just in case part of me that is hoarding. A little. But shhhhhhh.

I have an addiction. To fabric. It could be worse.

My darling husband has seen my fabric as an investment since I showed him this thread. He even suggested I buy more (MORE!) fabric... I am not one to argue.

Here's to more works in progress and some pretty's to look at. Cheers.


  1. Oh my that does look like a serious addiction! Who cares when it looks that pretty! I love that big pile of what looks like spotty fabric. Now when are you coming up here? It seems like a very long month! Enjoy your new stash.

  2. Lara, what beautiful pictures of scrumptious fabrics! I can't wait to see the quilt made up! I enjoyed your last post...good reminder and remembrance.

  3. i love getting fabric in the mail!!! and hooray for a husband who is ok with the addiction

  4. Ahhh lovely fabric eye candy! The best mail of all!

  5. Darn! It looks like you've already got all the FMF prints that I have - do you still want them anyway?


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