Saturday, March 12, 2011

Reasons to Celebrate

With all that's been happening in the world, it's pretty easy to get caught up in the devastating impacts of earthquakes, tsunami's and more... The tectonic plates around the ring of fire sure are causing a lot of trouble. My guess is that this domino effect of devastating earthquakes has resulted as the plates settle again...

We can only but hope that this will be the end of it. So I am grateful that tomorrow we get to celebrate my nephew Shaun's first birthday. Amongst all that has been going on it's nice to have a reason to rejoice and be happy. Shaun is such the sweetest little guy too. Today I whipped up this wee Dr Seuss memo board for his birthday

I love this fabric a lot... In fact I may just have this exact print in green to make up a memo board for his brother James' third birthday in July... and a few more yards of various Dr Seuss prints with no plans - yet.

My heart goes out to everyone impacted by these earthquakes. Right now, I am going to hug my children tightly and be grateful.

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  1. Yes we do have a lot to be grateful for at the moment with all these disasters happening around us. I'm just about to make a memo board for my sewing room. They are a great way to show off a favourite print and so easy to whip up. BTW I do love your new blog background! It wasn't there the other day was it?


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