Saturday, March 19, 2011

Central Park Complete!

It feels great to have at least one WIP completed! This quilt almost bought me to tears though... I picked it up from my LAQ on Wednesday and not thinking twice popped it in the boot. After picking the DH up from the airport and arriving home, I got the quilt out to show my boys and admire the quilting - only to find this

An oil stain. A couple of weeks ago my BF's husband serviced our car and put the remaining oil in the container in the boot in a bag... I didn't realise it had leaked a little. I immediately googled what to do. A few places recommended putting talcolm powder on it. Which I did. After binding the quilt I used a spray cleaner and washed it. The stain is somewhat better - but it's still there. You can see it in the picture below

A friend empathised with me and told me not to worry too much. She said it would only add character and a story in the years to come. Ironically my drive to get this quilt completed and on the bed is because my BF and her hubby are staying here for their last 3 nights in NZ before moving to Australia. They arrive tomorrow.

I love the backing of this quilt... although a part of me wishes I'd used the orange print. The orange in this line is perfection.

All folded and ready for our guests to arrive tomorrow. Oliver is particularly excited that they are coming for a sleepover - although his excitement did fade a little when he realised that their 2 dogs weren't coming to stay. I am looking forward to using this quilt to snuggle under too while watching movies on the couch...

This quilt has got me motivated to finish binding Gus' Philatelic Society quilt and two others. I think this will be a binding week although I am itching to start something new! But I won't. Promise.

Happy sewing!


  1. Wow that is gorgeous! I love the retro orange/ tree segments.

  2. That's a stunning quilt, oil stain or not. I feel your pain though, what a horrid thing to happen but it is part of the quilt's story now :)

  3. Lara, it's beautiful! Truly a lovely work of art!

    Here in the States we have something called Oxyclean...not sure what a NZ equivilant would be...but I have three boys and let me tell you, a few days (2-5) of soaking just about any stain in this stuff in your wash really works.

    I feel your disappointment through your words, but it's a beautiful quilt with an awesome future ahead of it!

  4. sorry, it's not my son, but me...Dee! forgot to sign him out!

  5. oh good grief...i am so sorry about the stain. i think i would join in the crying. i would be devastated. but if i did not know it was there i would still think it was so gorgeous. i love those fabrics and you made a beautiful design. enjoy the time with your friends.

  6. It looks great, Lara! So sorry about the stain. I once made myself a dress and one of the first times I wore it I got an ink stain on it (I worked in a printing shop.) I so remember that dissappointment. Glad you got most of it out though.

  7. Oh I do feel for you with that stain Lara but it does look a lot better than it originally did. Oil stains are so hard to remove fully. The quilt is beautiful though and I love that blue backing.

  8. Gorgeous quilt! I think the oil stain will continue to fade with pre-treating at each wash. My boys are always getting oil on their clothes and it does eventually fade to oblivion.

  9. I'm not sure if you can get this product in NZ, but there is something here in the states called Greased Lightning. It will remove all manner of stains, including rust, oil, and tar. If you can, try it!

  10. I *love* the quilt. BIG, big bugger about the stain! Argh!

  11. I love your quilt it is gorgeous - and I agree about the orange fabric in the Central Park line. It is perfection!

    About the oil stain... Do you have Dawn dishwashing liquid in NZ? If so, try a few drops on the stain and let it sit for a couple of hours, then wash the quilt. Dawn is made to remove oil (greasy dishes, you know?). Dawn is what they used on the oiled birds from the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico last spring - and if it's gentle enough for wildlife, it should be gentle enough for a quilt. I have used Dawn to remove oil stains from fabric (albeit vegetable oil, not motor oil) and it worked every time. If you don't have Dawn in NZ and would like me to send some along, I'd be glad to do that. Just email or FM me.

    Hope this helps - and good luck.


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