Saturday, March 5, 2011

Works in Progress - A Shameful Parade of the Unfinished...

At the moment I have a number of unfinished projects taking up good space in my sewing drawers and on my table. I am a little embarrassed to admit exactly how many projects are still in various stages of the quilting process, but I hope that if share them with you, I will find the motivation to complete them. Every single one!

Yup. I have a lot of projects to complete. These WIP's are all in various stages of production. Some are awaiting binding, some are just blocks, some need quilting and some are just cut waiting to be made into blocks. You should see my "to start" pile... It's equally as big! Flickr. You have a lot to answer for :) and Blogger. So much inspiration. So little time!

Anyway, I am thinking about making this a regular feature by selecting one project each month to finish... Who know's - some months I might finish more! On the first of each month I'll share a project with you and by the end of the month, I will hope to share it again with you in it's completed state or at least a quilt top!

Would you like to join in? Do you have a number of unfinished projects you'd like to see completed by the end of the year? If you want to join in, I'll figure out how to make a button and a linky thingy me jig.

Here's to a year of actually finishing projects! Wish me luck!


  1. Sounds like a good idea madam! You could concentrate on doing all the bindings one month. That way you'll get a few finished straight away. Don't you want to see them on beds??

  2. I have a very similar pile and a very similar goal! I have a king size quilt that I keep making 2 blocks, getting bored and moving on. I only finish things that have deadlines. I like the idea of a linky party of finishes every month!

  3. Great idea Lara! Now they're out there you have to finish them!

  4. i sure could use a push in that direction!! it is a great idea. i have so many projects that need to be seen through to the end


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