Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Philatelic Society - Complete!

I finally finished the Postage Stamp quilt for Gus. I've never named a quilt before but I am naming this one - The Philatelic Society. I used to collect stamps when I was younger. I have quite a collection which sits in a box in our spare room. From time to time I still like to flick through the albums and look at all the colours and countries.

The most challenging part about this quilt was matching all those darn seams. 1200 squares = a lot of seams to sew. And a lot of pinning.

I am mostly loving just having this quilt top complete at the moment. I love the riot of colour and Gus has already had fun looking at all the little squares with me spotting trains, planes, blocks and children.

This will be off to the long arm quilter this afternoon. I have a very soft lemon for the backing and will be binding this quilt in the light blue stripe.

After all that pinning I am looking forward to sewing something that doesn't require too much thought :) I am planning to use my Central Park to make a quilt like this one. But a lot bigger. And because I am weak I ordered some more fabric - mostly backing and binding fabric so that I can make some quilts.

Hope you are having a great week. We've got a sick little man at the moment. Gus has a nasty cough so there hasn't been much sleep at our house. My right eye has been twitching since Monday morning. He's on antibiotics so I am hoping he starts to improve!

Happy Sewing!


  1. Congratulations! Looks fabulous and such an interesting quilt to look at as you say. I clicked on your link to see what is inspiring your next quilt but its not working??

  2. I like it! I like it more than the original with the white for every other square. Great work!

  3. Oh that looks so GOOD!!! I won't tell you how many blocks I've's a little embarrassing...
    I'll get the Summer Porch pattern in the mail to you this week!

  4. Oh my goodness!!! You have it finished already? Far out you are quick. It looks so amazing and I love the name you picked! Classic. I can't wait to see all these wonderful quilts on beds.

  5. this turned out amazing. i love it blowing in the breeze! you did a great job. i don't know if i would have the patience for that many little blocks...what size were they cut to?


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