Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Munki Munki - What to do?

Oliver noted a little while ago that I hadn't made him a new quilt in "ages"... Now that Gus' postage stamp quilt is off at the LAQ, I was thinking I'd try make Oliver a quick quilt using these Munki Munki charms... The charms are all mostly fussy cut so I want to make the most of them... I am just not sure what to make?

All suggestions will be gratefully received. Thank you!


  1. Well you know what I'd do. I'd just leave them whole and stitch them all together. Simple but that's probably what they need to be. That way Oliver can see the pictures whole.

  2. Lots of gorgeous work Lara. Love the postage stamp Quilt for Gus. Lucky boy !! I love Munki Munki, I'd sew them ogther with narrow sashing in between. Good luck with your move to Auckland!

  3. A couple of good suggestions here already. I was thinking that you could frame each one sort of log cabin style if you have coordinating fabrics to go with them.

  4. I've got a similar stack sitting in my sewing room. I've been using coordinating triangles cut from my scraps and stash, and making maverick star blocks with them. It was a tough decision between that and doing freestyle square in a square blocks, though.


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