Friday, February 4, 2011


My stash has been growing lately. You've probably noticed. Here are my latest arrivals

Delicious Buttercup, Bliss and Punctuation from the Fabric Shack. They have half price shipping at the moment!

An increasing stash is causing storage issues though as my consumption rate is not as quick as the rate the parcels have been arriving...

Here is my precut drawer... Looking rather full! Oh Wee Play. I love thee.


This drawer has FQ's and some yardage... Tidy right?


This is the awful mess in the corner of our spare room. I need to sort this out. Before we move. I have more scraps than I know what to do with... I think I need to get brutal. My plan is to use Gus' drawers as my fabric drawers when we move so I think I might sort his clothes out and see if I can take over now...

How do you store your fabric? Any tips? 

PS - If you live in NZ and would like some scraps sent to you - leave me a comment and I'll contact you for your address :)


  1. Tidy enough. You obviously have not been to my house yet !!! lol !!

  2. You don't need to get rid of fabric, you just need way more storage! Far out you have some good stuff there. You have got to find a house with a sewing room! I'd come and play any day. You would be surprised how little fabric I have.

  3. Lol I have lot's of scraps too(I'm sure they multiply when I'm not looking), they are all stuffed into a brown bag waiting for me to sort them out!

  4. ooh American Jane. Why on earth do the NZ store never ever get this wonderful stuff in? My stash ends up in boxes and catalogue drawers that my kids love to play with. It's nice to think "I need some blue" and then open a full drawer of the stuff.


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