Monday, July 6, 2009

Ready or not...

Well here it is - my first ever post. Up until 4 months ago - I didn't even know what a blog was! That is of course until I discovered some fantastic craft blogs and became truly inspired!! This led to a few new projects being started despite my large pile of unfinished projects. I am hopeless. I am too easily distracted. And quite often, when I get to a point that is a bit too tricky or I am not sure how to do it, I move on to another project...

So to help stop the cycle of projects being started and never finished, I am going to keep a blog to help keep me inspired and on track. I am also hoping that it will be an opportunity for those who are much wiser and fantastic to leave words of wisdom, advice and tips!

I made a list of all my infinished projects last night that I want to finish... I was quite shocked at the amount of unfinished projects I have sitting in my box - some of which I couldn't even remember starting!! Naughty naughty naughty. I'd hate to add up the amount I have spent on fabric, cotton, wool and patterns etc only to have them sit in a box.

So here's my list and my target completion month:

1. Nephew's 1st Birthday gift - Merryville by Michael Miller playmat - July

2. Quilted change mat for my good friends little baby girl due any day - July

3. Gus' cot quilt (he's 3 months old now but his early arrival meant I never got to finish) - July

4. Gus' Hare cross stitch - August

5. Quilted change mat for another friend also expecting a baby girl - August

6. Ollie's 2nd Birthday gift - Merryville by Michael Miller playmat - September

7. Gus' Christmas stocking - November

8. Sew Ollie's Christmas stocking - November

9. Ollie's "Big Boy" quilt in Monkey n Round by Moda for Christmas - December

10. Gus' Monkey n Round by Moda quilt for Christmas - December

11. Bookbags for Ollie and nephew James for Christmas - December

Little change mat for friends little girl - it's not completely perfect but hopefully it will be functional and treasured all the same!

I haven't included my attempts to knit on my list of things to do as well as two other quilt tops I started in classes and a couple of other cross stitches... Perhaps you have a list of UFO's too? I'm reassured that I am not alone - perhaps your's is shorter or longer? Well hopefully I will be able to complete some of mine :) I've told myself no new projects until I have finished at least 5 off my list... Unfortunately though I have a burning desire to start another - I just bought the Kit, Chloe and Louise pattern from the amazing Hillary Lang at and I really, really want to start one! I will try to show some self control!

Happy Sewing,


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