Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hello 2012!

In the course of a year, many things can change. Some good, some bad, much indifferent. I am hoping that this will be a year for mainly good changes. This year we *will* buy our first home (positive thinking!), Gus will turn 3 and graduate to the 'big kids side' at Daycare and Oliver will start school in September. All big changes. Good changes. Bittersweet changes.

Almost a year to the day (366 days in fact) we took the boys to Staglands and today we took the boys again... Here's a quick snapshot of how much the boys have grown over the year. Unintentionally most of the photos taken just happened to be the same as the year prior...

Gus - 2011

Gus - 2012

Donkey Cart Ride 2011

Donkey Cart Ride 2012 - Gus and Ollie (exact same seats as last year!!)

River crossing - 2011


River crossing - 2012

DH & Gus 2011

Gus and DH 2012 - no need to carry him anymore!

Oliver 2011

Oliver - 2012

Here's to a great year ahead!


  1. They sure do grow up fast! We have been watching some home movies today and there are subtle changes in our girls but not as much as I would have thought. I think after they turn five they seem to change less. Staglands is such a neat place to visit.

  2. So sweet - I love how kiddies change but you don't really see it until you compare photos. x

  3. They grow so quickly xxx I haven't heard of Staglands . . .

  4. Aw... they grow so fast don't they... Staglands looks like a fun place to visit!

  5. I love that the photos were taken in the same spots - you're going to have to make it an annual tradition now!


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