Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hearts for Christchurch

A while ago I posted about some WIP's that had been lying around unfinished. I was going to send them to Cat to finish and donate to Christchurch. Then after meeting Cat in person for dinner last year I learned that in most cases she was finishing the quilts off herself or funding to have them finished. I felt a bit guilty for offloading my WIP's and knowing that they'd need batting, backing and binding fabric too.

I thought it would be much nicer to send finished quilts to Cat instead. That way she could bundle them up and send them off to their new homes to be loved. I purchased a cute backing print, coordinating binding print and my favourite cotton/bamboo mix batting and finally finished up the Sherbet Pips DNP. The LAQ quilted an all over loopy heart pattern in pink. It's very sweet. Hopefully not too sweet.
Here it is all finished and ready to be posted...

"Hearts for Christchurch"

I hope these cute playful pups on the back bring someone little hope and happiness.

I also finished up this quilt too...

There's nothing like a blog to keep you honest. I started this quilt in January 2010. Embarrassingly it's been sitting around for that long! It didn't take too long to piece the backing. I chose my favourite all over quilting and used the last of my chai chai snips to bind the quilt. This one is a lovely lap size and I thought it would suit any female of any age. Hopefully!

I hope that these two quilts will go to lovely people and help provide them a little comfort. Aftershocks keep affecting Christchurch and it will be some time before their beautiful city is rebuilt. I am so happy to have sent Cat finished quilts! It feels so good to have crossed these off the list!

I also finished up the third little quilt that I had posted about but this one managed to make it's way onto our couch... Poor Oliver had a few home days a couple of weeks ago after having a nasty cough for some time. Turns out he had whooping cough. Which was subsequently followed by Fifth Disease. Poor little man. Anyhow, I started making this quilt for him last April after he'd asked me desperately for a new quilt. I think he'd been feeling a bit left out as Gus had just got his new postage stamp quilt. Oliver helped to pick out his favourite prints and so when he found it folded on the chair he naturally assumed it was for him. I didn't have the heart to tell him I'd planned to send it elsewhere. I thought I'd just try finish up another for Christchurch instead. Win win.

So there you go! 3 finished quilts! WOW! Thanks for sticking with me to the end of this lengthy post.

Happy sewing!


  1. Wow! Well done Lara! I'm glad Ollie got to keep the Munki Munki. Hope he's feeling better!

  2. You are such a sweetie Lara... I am sure they will be well loved!

  3. Oh you are a sweet lady! I'm sure they will be so gratefully received. How have you been anyway? Well I hope. What's the fifth thingy? Interesting!

  4. Oh superb! They all look stunning and will be loved by all, at home or in Christchurch x

  5. Wow! Three finishes. Great work!

  6. What an awesome post this morning to read! Your heart is huge and I'm sure whomever receives the quilts will know how much love went into them!

    Poor Gus! (love that name) Hope he's on the mend soon and just snuggling with health under his new quilty, not for comfort while he's sick!

  7. these are beautiful and you are so generous to send them to christchurch. there is no doubt they will make someone very happy. i love the backing you used for the momo quilt.

  8. That's so amazing and generous of you Lara. If you don't have a home for one, I know an lady in her late 80s who lives alone. All her neighbours have moved out because their houses are condemned. Her floor is cracked and the liquifaction keeps coming through the carpet, meaning her carpet constantly has horrible grey patches. Worse still who knows what the liquifaction brings with it :(

    I know she has coverted the quilts I made my mother in law and I have started one for her, but if you wanted one to go specifically to someone who would LOVE it and would be so blessed by a stranger making it for her, I could get it to her. Her name is Hazel and she is also profoundly deaf, but such a lovely lady.

  9. The quilts are gorgeous Lara, well done for getting them finished off. I'm sure they will be well received and loved in Christchurch. Ollie's quilt is lovely!

  10. A bit of beauty to help cheer anyone up! That Wonderland quilt is stunning - I especially love how the back looks - that print looks so playful - like little bouncing balls.

  11. Your quilts are beautiful Lara, you are a kind generous soul. I know they will be so appreciated by the recipients.

  12. These are such beautiful quilts and it is very generous of you to give them to such a good cause. My favourite is the wonderland quilt! Really love the back of it!!


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