Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Half Square Triangle

I can not decide if I LOVE the HST, or if I hate it. On the one hand, I love cutting squares, ruling the line and sewing either side... so simple. So quick. So effective. On the other hand, I hate the trimming with a passion. I have to do every square individually. Anyone have any suggestions for a more efficient method?

I am also trying to decide if I prefer pressing my seams open or to the side. For the starflower blocks I've been working on, the seams are pressed open. I like the way they sit... I always used to press to the side. Now I am just confused. What do you do?

The sewing machine has been rather quiet this week. Ollie has been toilet training and work is pretty crazy. This week will be even crazier. And before I know it I'll be sitting on a flight to Phoenix, Arizona. I can't wait! I plan to take only the clothes I will need and one pair of shoes... and then shop. Shop. SHOP!! Can anyone tell me what the weather is doing in AZ?

So here's this weeks sewing efforts. Pretty pathetic really.

Windmills made with Darla by Tanya Whelan. This is a baby quilt WIP for my maybe niece. I wish they'd just blooming find out what they are having! I have to make two quilts because we don't know!!

Another Starflower for Aphra. I really like this one.

This is how the Starflower quilt for Aphra is shaping up. I am really loving this quilt. Even though the blocks take me so long. I can really only make one a night. 10 more to go. The fabric is Dance with Me by Jennifer Paganelli.

Aphra came for lunch yesterday. I was so tempted to show her. Luckily she said she likes surprises. I need to learn patience!!!! We had a YUMMY lunch. My DP makes the best chicken roast in the whole world. Followed by apple pie.

What have you been working on this week?


  1. Your star quilt is looking very pretty and I'm sure Aphra will love it. I think the only time you need to iron seams to the side is when you need to line two seams up and you lock the 2 seams together otherwise you can iron them flat. As you say it gives an overall flat finish to a block. How's the toilet training going? I here boys are harder than girls. My youngest, Caitlin was all trained in less than a week.

  2. Your stars and pinwheels look awesome! I have no tips on trimming them. My quilty secret, sometimes I skip it :( but I did get a little rotary mat/ruler/cutter and that allows me to take downstairs to do it on the table while watching TV with family.

  3. I love the HST, but I don't like the way it gets a bit wonky when you iron it out flat - apparently spray starch is the answer.

  4. I am continually amazed by you quilters. Such beautiful work made for friends and family. The fact that you are making 2 cause you the parents didn't find out the sex is even more amazing.

  5. I'm voting for "love them" because these are just beautiful! A whole quilt of any of these squares is going to look amazing. You're a great Aunt to be so ready for your niece's baby!

  6. I love those Starflower blocks! Looking at them reminds me I should amke up some more of the Bear Paw blocks for my half finished quitl, but they take an hour for each block.

  7. not working on much of anything this week....too busy being lodge mom for a weekend ski trip my family went on. the blocks you are working on are so pretty. i love the stars. that is going to be one beautiful quilt

  8. Just today I saw a way to do multiple HSTs. Here's a site that explains:

    Whenever we travel we use to keep up with weather conditions. Temps in Phoenix have been in the 70's.

    Love the Starflower blocks!

  9. your starflower blocks are beautiful!

  10. Love this fabric and your star blocks are beautiful! This will be a stunning quilt :)


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