Saturday, March 6, 2010

Wishful Thinking & Window Shopping

I should know by now that browsing The Fat Quarter Shop is dangerous.Very dangerous. My wishlist only continues to grow and it will be a while before I will be allowed to splurge on some more fabric. So in the meantime it's just window shopping for me!!

Have you seen these beauties though?? I love this Whimsy Kite Quilt. This is still a favourite - oh and this and this. Oh, yeah - Hunky Dory is still wishful thinking too...

My birthday is in 2 months. I will be subtly (well maybe not so subtly) suggesting that the DP and family give me a Fat Quarter Shop voucher :) but then the difficulty will be deciding what to buy!!

What's on your wishlist? Please share - I love seeing new fabric's and I'd love to know what you'd make with it if you had it!!


  1. That Poppy by Laura Gunn is calling to me. It's not my usual style but i feel like i must make something with it.

  2. My wish list is too long to list, but I like what you have on yours too!

    Hope your day is great!

  3. Don't mind me - not stalking, honest. *whistles* I'm drooling over Alexander Henry's Willow Orchard currently. So whimsical but bright!!!


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