Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Just a little bit frustrated...

Last night my machine started skipping stitches. In vain I tried a new bobbin and a new needle, but it didn't help... Today I rushed it into the Bernina stockist in Wellington to have it serviced only to find out that my poor machine won't be serviced and returned to me until the 20th of January! What to do? What to do? I will need to borrow a machine. I have a few outstanding bee blocks to finish and I want to keep up the momentum with the pinwheels! I am slightly tempted to buy a cheap backup machine - shhhh... don't tell the DP!


  1. To make you feel a little better, I took my machine in to be fixed the week before christmas and was told it 'unfixable'!! I can't afford a new sewing machine and have borrowed my Mum's in the meantime so can fully symathize with you! Why do these things happen when you really need them!

  2. Do they have loaners? I'm so enjoying the pinwheels with you! Such beautiful fabric!

    Sorry about the machine and sending you quick service and return vibes!


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