Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year. New Beginnings.

Goodbye 2010! Hello 2011! For the first time since I was a teen, I welcomed the new year in AWAKE with friends and family. We had a BBQ at our place followed by a couple of rounds of boys vs girls cranium... very entertaining. Girls 1. Boys 1. Draw.

 All over blogger photo mosaics are popping up. It's been so fun looking through everyones blog posts and seeing what they created in 2010 - some people sure are busy and creative! It got me thinking about my own year of sewing. I had more finishes than I realised! 8 finished cot quilts, a doll quilt, bee blocks, a table runner... and a number of started but yet to be finished projects!  Looking back through our photo gallery, I realised that I started out the year on a high, hibernated for the winter and finished the year with a few Christmas gifts. Here's a few of my sewing highlights for the year...

Wonderland jelly roll

Asher's quilt

Hushabye doll quilt

Hexagon swap

Gus' winter I Spy quilt

Easter quilt

Wee Play quilt

So what will 2011 bring? A new city - we're moving to Auckland next month! Hopefully our first home, definitely more sewing and a lot of loving these two...

Christmas day

Oliver aka Buzz LightYear

Gus - our little Sheriff with Woody

Apologies for image overload!! Happy new year everyone.


  1. Ooh, love the Wonderland quilt - I'd forgotten that one.
    I had never noticed, until these photos, how much your boys look like you!
    How is the house hunting going?

  2. You have made some very beautiful quilts this past year. The colourful ones are so cheerful. I'm sure you'll love living in Auckland!

  3. You got quite a lot achieved this year along with planning a wedding. I just love that Wonderland quilt! Moving to Auckland is pretty exciting news!! I need to know more! Do tell!

  4. no apology needed...those are great pictures... i made a similar quilt with a wonderland jelly roll this year. it is one of my favorite lines. have a safe and peaceful move.

  5. Goodluck with the move. What a great start to the new year. All the very best to you and your family for 2011.

  6. I really like your wonderland quilt.

    Wishing you the best on your move. I am NOT looking forward to mine. But it's got to be done.

  7. Great quilts. Happy new year to you too.


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