Saturday, January 22, 2011

Oliver. You crack me up...

Oliver with his Incredibles mask

Phil recently came home with The Incredibles (a Disney DVD about a superhero family). Ever since then, he's been Dash and I've been Elastigirl. I was putting him to bed one night and this is the conversation we had:

Oliver: "We're missing one"
Me: "Missing one what?"
Oliver: "We need another one"
Me: "Another what Ollie?"
Oliver: "A baby. A girl. We need a Violet. Daddy is Mr Incredible. You is Elastigirl. Gus is Jack Jack and I am Dash. We need a Violet."
Me: "Oh well I don't know about that Oliver - you and Jack Jack are quite enough for me. Besides, what if we had another little brother? Then who would he be?"
Oliver (quite thoughtfully): "Oh. Oh man. Luci (friend from daycare) can be Violet then. But her hair is too short."

It's conversations like that one that I want to remember for forever. I'd also like to slow down the growing process.


  1. he is too cute!!! i love the mask. my son is often Dash. these are the best kind of conversations

  2. That's hilarious and adorable! I love how my nearly-four-year-old thinks that EVERYONE cares about what he did yesterday, or that he has a new CD, etc. They are so funny.

  3. Ha! I don't know the movie...but I do think you need a baby girl named Violet. :-)


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