Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Expensive Post Day

I am sure the lady at the Post Office was a little sorry that she ended up with me! A mixture of Bee Blocks (finally!) and the UFO's! On their way from me to you!

I had fun packaging these all up knowing that someone will be finishing them :)

A parcel arrived yesterday for me - again! And there is still another to arrive. This one contained 1 Jelly Roll of Central Park - it's delicious, 1 Jelly Roll of Punctuation - I adore the colour palette, and yardage of Punctuation (for the back of the ABC quilt) and Dr Seuss (birthday present for my nephew Shaun). I've still got a little more fabric to arrive as well as Camille Roskelley's book Simplify. And then I am done. Promise. (Except for maybe a little bit more yardage of Central Park to use as binding...)

What makes you buy fabric? Do you buy fabric you like? Or do you have to have a plan of something to make before you buy? Just curious. Generally I like to plan something first, and then buy the fabric... then I usually post it note the fabric with what I am planning to make so I don't forget. The fabric I impulse buy tends to be the fabric that remains unused because it never had a purpose. I try not to do that anymore! What I do plan to do this year though is make more quilts for us - so I've been buying fabric I truly love and know will suit our home. 

Happy sewing everyone!


  1. Ooops, sorry about the cost of the postage! We will love you for it if that helps. I'll be hanging out at the post box every day now.

    Now I buy fabrics that I like, not for a certain project. I decide what to use them for later on. Sometimes as a range or just mixed up.

  2. i am guilty of buying fabric only because i like it and then trying to figure out what to do with it afterward!!!

  3. Ooh I have been shopping this week, now what did I buy? Some fabric for a couple of projects and some just because I love them!

  4. I really do usually have a plan when I buy fabric. Often it's a fairly vague kind of plan, but some kind of plan at least. Then the trouble starts when I see a photo on someone's blog or on flickr of something else made with the same fabric and I start to think...hmm..maybe i should do that insstead...and all too often the fabric ends up sitting in the cupboard while I try to make up my mind and move onto new projects in the meantime!

  5. Just found your blog I am an American Jane Jukie and have made lots of her quilts as you can see if you visit my blog. I shall enjoy watching your hexagon quilt I am making a similar quilt at the moment
    Best wishes


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