Sunday, January 23, 2011


I've been thinking about joining Rachel's Postage Stamp quilt along since she first posted it a few weeks ago... But I am not sure what to do.

I could use two Look and Learn jelly rolls (1 in place of the solid).

I quite like the idea of using the light and dark prints together to create a complete patched little colourful quilt...

Or I could use just one jelly roll and partner it with an off white solid like Rachel's pattern?

Or I could use my Punctuation jelly roll when it arrives with the off white solid?

Hmmm.... For the meantime I think I will just keep sewing the hexagon quilt until I can decide what to do. Your thoughts and opinions are welcome! I think my wee Gus is going to end up with a bunch of AJ quilts for his room. Ironically his initials are AJ too... So it's only fitting! For those of you with enquiring minds Gus is short for Augustus. Looking forward to reading your thoughts.


  1. How did I miss so many of your posts?!! No idea. You sure have been spending up large lady! Where did you get that kit from? And the jelly rolls for that matter? I think the jelly rolls sound very cute. I wonder what a postage stamp quilt is? But you know me, I would use plenty of white. But then you just bought me the last of the roll so maybe that's not such a great idea!! Just off to google postage stamp quilts.

  2. Light and dark could definitely work!

    My guess was going to be that Gus was short for Angus. :-)

  3. the look and learn will make such a great quilt. these are a few of my favorite lines of fabric...i love anything American jane

  4. I'm all for the look'n'learn fabrics for this project. I think they would look perfect made up in the postage stamp design. Augustus is sucha noble name. Is it a family name or one you just liked?


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