Thursday, January 20, 2011


Another arrival this week! The cutest quilt kit ever... This will be for Gus' room. The problem with buying fabric though, is that it makes me want more fabric. Like a crazy woman. Seeing Punctuation in life meant I wanted more. So just between you - I did order some more and I might have also added some Central Park and some Dr Seuss to my cart too. Just don't tell my husband.

These are the fabrics... cute!

And these also arrived... some more Look and Learn Jelly Rolls, some FQ's and some yardage. Told you I was obsessed. I won't be ordering any more fabric for a long time though. We've had our lending approved so we're in the market to buy a house... and I don't quite think there will be a lot of $ left to sneak fabric in... Fortunately I have quite a healthy supply to keep me busy for the next year. Or two.

What have you been buying? Or obsessing over?


  1. I'm wondering when the quilting community will be hit by the cost of cotton increasing. Will that put a dint in our buying habits? Not sure.

    I'm trying to use my stash, but when I go to a store to look and see something that I can't get at home (usually scraps from their scrap bins), I will buy.

    Right now I'm obsessing over a quilt block called Jack's Chain! Love it!

    Hope you have a great and quiltey day.
    Love the tin and the fabric!

  2. Lot's of yummies there! Yeah I bought some fabric
    already this year too, I just can't help myself;oD And I'm going to town in an hour or so and have to call into the quilt shop as I need some binding Will I be strong enough to resist buying anything else....

  3. I love that tin!!!! LOVE it!
    These are the fabrics I've been obsessing over lately - perfect for little girl quilts I think!

    Oh that link is ridiculously long! Just look up Sweet Broderie by Rosalie Quinlan...much easier... ;-P

  4. Seriously, it's like a disease (fabric shopping)! I've got a charm pack of punctuation and it is really cute - and great for girl or boy if making a baby quilt for unknown. I especially love the thin stripes.

    I went to a new-to-me fabric shop and $60 later walked out with lots of Echino and other Kokka fabric. That's my purchase for a few months!

  5. Seriously cute fabric you've got their and that tin is to die for! Nothing wrong with little obsessions..........


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