Saturday, May 28, 2011

A New Favourite...

This post has been a long time coming! I finished this quilt on Mother's Day but haven't been able to photograph it thanks to the wet wet weather we've been having!

Last year my husband said I could have whatever I liked for my birthday. I didn't really have to think long about what I might like... I'd recently introduced myself to Heather Ross' Mendocino line on Flickr (a very dangerous place indeed to covet and become smitten with fabric and quilts). So I bought as much as I could find as a much as the budget would 'allow'.

For a long time these beautiful prints sat untouched while I debated what to make. The pattern needed to be perfect. Eventually, I looked at all my Flickr favourites and a common theme became pinwheels. This quilt really convinced me that pinwheels were the way to go... so shamelessly becoming a copy cat my fabric turned into this...

And then this... (why does the wind always pick up when I try to take photos?)

For my birthday this year I asked for $ for the backing, binding and quilting. With the colder weather approaching I was desperate to have this quilt finished before winter set in.

So... finally my quilt was completed (apologies for the poor images I had to take these on my blackberry!)

Oh so beautiful.


Quilting = Classy Curls in Gold

Backing = Kona in Butterscotch
Binding = Kona in Berry (YUM!)

This quilt is my favourite. And it's for me. Just one last picture.


I have managed a little more sewing this week. With just over 6 months until Christmas I've started my Christmas quilting early this year. In progress: Bliss 9 patch. Will post an update shortly.
Have a great weekend.


  1. That is a fantastic birthday present! And a lovely quilt!! Where do you get all this beautiful fabric?

  2. Ahhh beautiful! Love your choice for the binding colour. Just in time for the cold snap coming!

  3. It's beautiful, Lara! Very nice work.

  4. The quilt looks beautiful. It's nice to read that others have trouble cutting into their favourite fabrics too.

  5. So very beautiful!!!! GREAT finish!

  6. Wow wee!! That's such a pretty quilt. Love your quilting too, perfect for those fabrics I think. How nice that you now have your own special quilt for the winter. Well done on making such an awesome quilt.

  7. It is BEAUTIFUL !!! I'm pleased to see you have made it for yourself. Silly me, I've made several Mendocino quilts and never kept one for me. I have a tiny stash of scraps though so one day I'll make a mini quilt just for me.

  8. Beautiful quilt - excellent choices!Thanks for the Christmas scare!!

  9. Oh my goodness, such stunningness. (Is that a word?) I love it. You just can't beat pinwheels can you? they are my favourite too.


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