Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bliss in Patches

When I was little my mother called me Mary. As in Mary Mary quite contrary. Decision making has always been something I've struggled with. I am an indecisive person. Most of the time.

I'd originally planned to make up my Bliss jelly roll in this pattern by Camille...

But I had a change of heart after I'd cut my fabric and became very disinterested in sewing this quilt together. It might have had something to do with sewing 1.25" squares onto 2.5" squares which I found quite fiddly.

Anyway a week or two ago I picked up the squares and decided I best do something with them. I've always loved this quilt of Georgia's, so I decided a 9 patch was the way to go with all my precut 2.5" squares.

The start of a nice little collection of 9 patch blocks. This pink is very sweet.

All my blocks together. I need to buy another jelly roll for the sashing. So please just imagine this sashed in white if you can. My dilema comes next though... I have a bunch of bliss squares left over... I was considering making an outer border in the squares? What do you think? Otherwise I could border it in the middle print below? Or both? What do you think?

My backing is flannel. It's so soft and glorious. I will definitely enjoy snuggling under this quilt top (if I keep it - I might put this one in the Christmas gift pile. See what I mean about indecisive!). The binding will be the top green print. The green isn't my favourite colours in this quilt but when I went to order yardage a while ago, all the pinks, reds and aquas had been snapped up. For good reason too! They're quite delicious.

And just to end this rather lengthy post - here's a couple of photos of Gus the other day with his new puppy hanging out with me

Teenager already. Doesn't like too many photos being taken.


  1. Well you know me, I'd border it in white, like I did actually with my 9 square quilt. Love love love white!!! I do love what you've done with your squares so much, it's going to be a wonderfully pretty quilt. As for that cute little lad of yours, he clearly doesn't like photos but sure must adore sandwiches!! Or is he sharing them with his new friend?

  2. oh his dislike of having his picture is so dramatic and so cute...i love the 9 patches you have worked up.

  3. Why don't you incorporate your leftover bliss squares into the backing? I'm loving the way everybody has started doing that. It makes the back of the quilt look just as beautiful as the front of the quilt, instead of just having one solid color. I haven't got any quilts in progress yet, but I want to do that with a future one. I think they're beautiful incorporated into quilt backs.

  4. What about making a cushion to use up those left over squares. A matching cushion to go with the quilt. Flannel on the back sounds divine.

  5. Yes I'm voting for Karen's cushion idea and incorporating some into the backing. I didn't really like the green in this line either but the pinks and reds are just gorgeous. I ended up with a green and brown spot from that line for my Bliss quilt backing too because that's all there was left available.

  6. Ahhh, Bliss 9-patches - positively blissful!
    Do you have enough squares left for a border? I like the idea of that more than the green. Maybe a white boder, then one with the squares and another skinny white before the binding. Too much?

    ("Awww, Mum, take the camera AWAY!")

  7. I love the 9 patch and the colors are oh so pretty together.

  8. Pretty Nine patches.Could you use your left over squares for cornerstones in between the blocks, then sashing?


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