Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Recess Lunch Money Complete!

A month or so ago I went to my friend Jenny's baby shower. She's expecting a wee man (9 days overdue today!) and what better way to welcome a new baby than with a quilt. I used a charm pack of Recess and some jelly roll strips in white...

Apologies for the particularly glarey photo. My camera thinks it's so smart and the flash is always permanently on... I still haven't figured out how to switch it off.

The backing is a cream version of the monkey flannel fabric I used for this quilt's backing. The binding is the navy marble(like) fabric. My LAQ replicated the monkeys on the back with a gorgeous all over funky monkey pattern. It came together nicely. This quilt was made completely out of stash fabrics which was fabulous!

I literally left it to the last minute to finish this quilt :) I finished sewing the binding down with only a couple of hours to spare... in fact, I had to hang this quilt on my friends clothes line while we ate lunch to finish drying so that I could gift wrap it for the party that afternoon. Thankfully the weather was absolutely perfect. Not today though. It's rather wet. And cold.

I'm spending the day with my littlest man who is home with a nasty cough and strep throat. He's quite enjoying the attention and icecream at the moment! And in between playing Nurse, I've managed to get a little bit of sewing done. Pure Bliss. More on that tomorrow. Right now I need to go turn a pumpkin into pumpkin soup.

Here's hoping that little baby arrives soon! I've also picked up the sweetest little bear - so sweet and so soft. Jellycat make lovely toys to snuggle. Gus can still be found smooching Bashful Bunny (not quite this big mind you).

Happy sewing!



  1. Simple and sweet! Very nice, Lara.

  2. Awwww, very sweet quilt. :-)
    9 days overdue! Yikes! Hope that bub comes out really SOON. Tell your friend to eat a pineapple - my sister swears it worked for her.

  3. Hmm I've been 10 and 11 days over before. They pulled the 11 days late one out in the end. Good luck for her having it very soon. Never mind, I always thought of it as bonus days of sleeping and no demands yet.

    Loving your new quilt very much. You sure don't much around do you! Lots of lovely white which always pleases me as well. Simple styled quilts are the best in my opinion.

  4. this is such a cute quilt...i have finished quilts on the run like that before. it is rather exciting.

  5. Lovely simple modern quilt. Don't you love being able to create something entirely from your stash! Nice to see someone else that leaves thing to the last minute too:)Hope your boy is feeling much better now and hope the baby arrives soon!

  6. Beautiful quilt, nothing like the arrival of a little one to inspire some sewing. I hope your little one is soon feeling better.

  7. That is a lovely baby quilt and a super nice gift.


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