Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's Wednesday!

And I actually remembered! Granted, it only did dawn upon me a few moments ago, but that's an improvement on the last few weeks!


So... I am joining in with another WIP Wednesday! This week I even have some sewing to share ;)

This week I am working on finishing up this quilt here...



(Apologies for the crappy photos. These were taken on my blackberry as our camera battery is flat again thanks to small fingers. Note to self... iron quilt top before photographing too!)

This quilt is for my FIL who celebrates his 70th birthday at the end of the month. We're making sure he is well celebrated with a family weekend away up to Taupo and a big birthday bash here the following weekend. I just need to add some nice wide white borders, piece the backing (white with the remaining squares) and ship this off to be quilted. I'd like to give it to him on our weekend away, but I think I might be biting off more than I can chew!

I am also sewing down the binding on my Strawberry Fields HST quilt... it's starting to look really good and I am so pleased that it will be finished well before Christmas for my MIL.



And... once these two are finished, then I'll be back to finishing up my Swoon quilt for Gus!

I also managed to finish up this little doll's quilt a few weekends ago now for my DH's youngest cousin Lee Lee who is 8 days younger than our Ollie. My DH is from a large family. He is the oldest of 20 grandchildren.

So... a quick wrap up:

On the go:

* Arcadia quilt for John (borders, backing and quilting!)
* Strawberry Fields (binding)
* Children at Play Swoon (5 blocks to go!)
* Bliss in Patches (sashing)

I also need to make another couple of dolls quilts for more birthday parties coming up over the next few weeks!

On hold for a little while longer:

* Hexagon quilt
* Wee Play DNP Super Size Me
* Dance with Me
(and possibly a few other's I've forgotten!)

Here's hoping I manage to find some more sewing time this week! Hope you're having a productive week too. Don't forget to check out what other clever people are up to at the moment here.


  1. Love that first quilt. The colours are gorgeous!!

  2. Nice progress! I do love Arcadia--wish I had gotten some and now it's pretty much too late. :(

  3. Oooh, I really like that Arcadia quilt Lara! It's a lot like one I made with "Pop Garden" a while ago - the quilt that gets used most often in this house!

    What is your Dance with Me quilt like???

  4. Wow, you have a lot going on! And all of it looks so great!

  5. you are one busy lady!!! those are great projects. i love that arcadia fabric. perfect for a birthday gift!!!

  6. i am looking forward to seeing your strawberry fields quilt. i just love that line!

  7. Love your Arcadia quilt! Good luck getting it finished. You have a lot going on, but everything looks great!

  8. WOW stunning - your FIL will love that! Hope it is a wonderful 70th - LOVE birthdays and LOVE celebrations xxx

  9. You have been busy behind the scenes! You are going to have some seriously spoilt family members:O)

  10. what a lovely scrappy quilt, gorgeous colors.

  11. That first quilt is so beautiful...enjoyed my visit to your blog.


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