Saturday, November 19, 2011


This time last week I was sipping cocktails by the pool at the Warwick Resort in Fiji. The DH and I finally zipped away on our very overdue honeymoon. Thankfully it was well worth the wait. We had a wonderful time.

Here's a quick few pic's...

View of the pool from our room

The Warwick Resort

The DH, me and a Fiji sunset

Now that we're home, the house hunting continues. We missed out on a house this week :( but fortunately there seems to be plenty on the market. Hopefully we'll find a place soon. No sewing to update you with I am afraid... but hoping to finish up a quilt top over the weekend.

I'll only be giving 2 handmade gifts this Christmas but both will be larger quilts so that's my excuse! Only a couple more Christmas presents to buy and we are all done! Woohoo! How are you going? Are you organised?


  1. Oh Lara what a brilliant belated honeymoon - worth the wait!
    Good luck with the house-hunting! I get Harcourt's mailers for houses in Eastbourne every week, just in case I win the Lotto!
    Christmas? Not yet!

  2. Ah lovely! Did you have any cocktails? That's the only reason I'd go back to Fiji! I really loved them and I'm not a drinker.

    Sorry to hear you missed out on that house. Clearly there is a better one out there for you.

    As for Christmas, I am finally in that mood and I started a list last night. That's better than nothing right?

    Sarah Red Gingham

  3. You both look so happy! :O)
    Sorry about the house I am sure there is one out there with your guys names on it!

  4. Oh how lovely! What a beautiful place - I'm sure a week wasn't nearly long enough!
    (trying to dramas...)


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