Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Crafting!

It's officially less than a month to Christmas. Let the countdown begin :) The Christmas Tree is up... a little early yes... but I needed an activity to keep the kids busy and entertained before they drove me up the wall. My poor DH has been working most weekends all weekend.

Introducing Yuri - an Ooshka Babushka Boy.

It's been some time since I made something that wasn't a quilt... I intend to give one of these as a Christmas gift. Yuri's not quite perfect but gave me an opportunity to perfect my efforts... Fortunately the boys loved him all the same. He's currently capeless but I am hoping to add that to him this week.

I plan to use some AJ fabric to make an Alexy for someone little and special. Just waiting on more face panels to arrive :)

You can order an Ooshka Boy here. There are girl Ooshkas too! So sweet!

I also have been making buttons, magnets and badges with my new i-top. Actually I bought the i-top MONTHS ago but it only made it out of the packaging last week. I also made a wee FMF coaster and a wee green log cabin pin cushion.

Here's a sneaky peek of something delightful winging it's way to someone...

And here's a pic of my Mystery Giveaway that Michelle won at the start of the month...

I was given some needles like those above in the pic and they are the best! So much so I've bought a few to add to Christmas pressies for crafty friends! Thanks Georgia for putting me on to them to begin with.

I've got a few more things I am hoping to make in time for Christmas too! How are you going with your Christmas projects and shopping?


  1. What wonderful goodies you've been busy with. Your Yuri is sweet, they're a lot bigger than what I expected, thanks for the link to the store! I wish I was a lot further ahead with my Christmas gift making and shopping(like even started. lol)

  2. Look at all those lovelies, especially that FMF coaster!!

    Can't wait to get our Christmas tree up - I'd like to do it next weekend, but think it might have to wait until the weekend after - need to send hubby into the loft for the decorations - he may be some time!

  3. You sure gotta know the lingo when you read you blog my dear! FMF?? I'll have to google that one for sure. But I do love it completely. I want to make some so I must know what they are.

    I do love the idea of a wee cape for your boy! So cute!! The faces already printed a such a great idea. Saves so much time.

    Right off to google! Hope you have a good day at work.

    Sarah Red Gingham

  4. Oh Flea Market Fancy! I got it now. Don't have any of that so will use other fancy fabrics.

  5. Oh how cute! I have some of the girly Ooshka faces that I've been going to make into cushions (probably in the middle of some scrappy log cabins) for the kids...I have had them for a reaaaally long time...oops.

    The John James needles are great aren't they!!

  6. Looks like a lovely package of goodies for a lucky someone! I have a question. What is an "i-top"??

  7. Thank you again for my goodies... the fabrics will be used for something special :O)
    You have lots of lovely goodies... I think Yuri is delightful I wonder if my boys would want one... Lol


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