Sunday, December 11, 2011

Santa's Direct Reports

Last week the boys Daycare had their annual Christmas party. It's always a great opportunity to see the boys playing with their friends and to chat to other parents. Each year some poor father dons a Santa suit and sits in the sun handing out gifts to the children. This year Wellington had an unusually hot day so poor Santa must have really been feeling the heat!

On the way home, Oliver piped up in the back seat "That wasn't the real Santa was it?"
Me: "what do you mean Oliver?"
Oliver: "that wasn't the real Santa. Under his white beard was a black beard."
Me: "that was very observant of you Oliver. No, that wasn't the real Santa. At this time of year Santa is so busy finalizing all the gifts, reading all the letters from the children and reviewing the naughty and nice list. He gets lots of invitations to Christmas parties, but he can't go to them all. So he picks one of his special helpers to attend the party for him."
Oliver: "oh. Ok."
Me: "just don't tell the other children ok?"
Oliver: "ok."

I can see this Santa gig might not last as long as I had hoped. Last year he wanted to know why such-and-such from daycare had got gifts because surely they would have been on Santa's naughty list...

I've been working hard on finishing up some more little Christmas presents. I will hopefully post about these later today :) only two weeks until Christmas day! Hope you are finding your christmas spirit and enjoying the festive season!


  1. Well you have the same story as me and all of my girls are still believers. There is hope.

    Why do you think poor Santa still has to wear his winter suit in Summer? I think something should be done about it. Imagine if poor Santa suddenly passed out while your child was sitting on his knee due to the heat! I thought NZ was getting over the whole winter thing with Christmas. Clearly we have a wee way to go still.

    Glad you are nearly done in the present area. I am getting there but finding the last bits a right headache. Christmas is so exhausting!

    Sarah Red Gingham

  2. Tehe - that is so cute......... I have one in each camp, but they know that if you don't believe(or at least pretend to) then you don't receive!

    Happy Holidays to you and your family Lara......


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