Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pitter Patter of Little Feet (not me!)

There's nothing like a long weekend spent sewing. Especially when you have a bundle of small babies (yet to arrive) to sew for! We have three friends expecting their first baby's in the next month or so. It's always nice to give a handmade gift for little babies.

I've had this Monkey n Round fabric sitting in my stash since 2008. In fact, this is the first fat quarter bundle I ever bought.

In July 2009 (ahem...) I intended to make these into a quilt for Oliver. It never did happen. Instead, he got quilts made of Bot Camp and the monkey charms sat for quite sometime.

In June 2010 (what?!), I attempted to make a quilt for Oliver out of the charms again... but once again, it didn't really inspire me. So the four blocks sat unfinished until now. I made a few more blocks, and this little quilt top measuring 40" x 40" was complete!

I then chopped up the rest of the blocks from 2009 and after toying with a few different patterns, I decided to make another of Elizabeth's Hartman's from Oh Fransson Charm Square Baby quilt which is a free tutorial here. I first made this quilt in 2010 for my nephew Shaun. 

I enjoyed making the Monkey quilts so much, that I decided to make up a Bliss charm pack into a sweet quilt perfect for a baby girl.

So there you have it! 4 easy peasy baby quilts! I attempted to use my walking foot to quilt one of the monkey quilts, but I made an absolute dogs breakfast of it... so I dropped all these off at the LAQ today. Naughty? Yes. At least this way I know they'll be finished in time for the babies arrivals! One of these quilts will be heading to the UK, two will stay in Wellington and the last will head to Auckland (a little belated though - that baby arrived in February!).

Tonight I plan to finish up another quilt started  long ago... I can't help but ask myself why on earth I procrastinate for so long?! Oh well! Better now than never!


  1. just checking this message as they usually seem to delete!

  2. Well what do you know - it published for a change! Anyway glad you are well and still sewing. Hope it's not too windy for you tonight. I'm not looking forward to grotty weather this week.

    Love all your finishes. You are so busy and putting me to shame. I have the same monkey fabrics in our playhouse as cushions. I still love the Bliss fabrics so much.

    Love to you xx


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