Saturday, June 30, 2012

Swoon in it's glory!

This is by no means a new finish... but I realised last night that I still haven't posted any decent pictures of Gus' Swoon quilt. The quilt when straight from the finished pile to his bed and I'd been waiting for a sunny day to take a few pictures.

With our new backyard and lovely deck, I finally have some nice places to take photos! The quilt pattern is Swoon by Camille at Thimble Blossoms. I bought the PDF version for instant gratification :)

The fabric is Children at Play in the Over the Fence colourway by Sarah Jane for Michael Miller. I can't tell you enough how much I love this fabric. I first posted about this quilt here... and here.

This photo even made it to Camille's blog! Blushing :)

I used a flannel print for the backing. It is very snuggly.

My favourite block. I love this colour combination.

This quilt is one of the biggest I've made. Perhaps the biggest! I procrastinated for quite a few months but once I got back into the swing of making these swoon blocks, the quilt came together very easily. There was one block in this quilt that I had considered making again... but once I put it with all the other blocks it looked right at home.

The all over quilting is a kite edge to egde design. It suits the quilt a lot and I am very happy with it. The binding is Racer Stripe in orange. I still have enough fabric (and backing fabric) to make another quilt. I contemplated making another swoon... but I've decided to make On a Whim (also by Camille!). That way the quilts will be similar but different. That will have to wait though! I have another quilt top waiting to be finished (my Innocent Crush charmed quilt) - it just nees a few more rows.

Once finished, I need to get cracking on Oliver's Single Boy quilt(s) in Little Apples. I am hoping to have one finished for his 5th birthday in September. And the other by Christmas! I also have another quilt kit I'd like to finish up by October. But right now I am arrested by our local sheriff and his deputy for stealing kisses. I am about to get cuffed... I hope they'll let me sew in prison ;)

Happy sewing!


  1. He he... cute, I am sure you'll be out of prison in time to cook tea! lol
    Your swoon quilt is lovely!

  2. Hope you managed to break out of jail!
    Love that Swoon xxx

  3. I love your colours. I kept seeing this pattern around blogland and I have only just bought it. If you have any tips of do's and don'ts ? :-)

  4. I do like the look of that new pattern. Your Swoon quilt is just beautiful and it must look gorgeous on Gus' bed. The fabrics look so calming and old fashioned. You just keep on making quilts and making me feel so bad. I wonder when I will get back into it.

    Hope you aren't too cold tonight. xxx

  5. This is lovely. Mine has been finished for months and just needs binding.

  6. This is fantastic! It looks great with the Sarah Jane fabrics and love the flannel back. I'm always so impressed with Swoon...I made a couple of blocks and turned them into pillows but that's about as much as I could do.


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