Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dearest Santa...

As you know I am rather a simple girl at heart, so please find attached my Christmas Wishlist. I've used images to help you just in case. I have been a very good elf this year. I have been working very hard to be a good mum, work full time and make most Christmas presents... Remember my finished stack?

I am quite proud of that pile Santa - that's kilometres of sewing and cotton! All fabric was purchased from my favourite online store The Fat Quarter Shop.

So Santa, you swell old chap... if you can swing any, ANY of the following I will love you forever

A few of these would make a lovely quilt for Beccy's wedding...

Or this would make a lovely gift for one of the many babies 2010 will bring...

And after all the sewing of Figgy Pudding for the family for Christmas,
I'd desperately love to make something for me for Christmas next year too...
Gotta love that Figgy Pudding!

So Santa, I promise to be a very good girl in 2010 too. I will continue to perfect my quilting skills so that I can make lots of lovely gifts for family and friends. And I will continue shopping from The Fat Quarter Shop. It is, as you well know, a favourite little stop of mine... my place for stocking up my quilty guilty goodness!

With much hope and anticipation,


PS. Santa - now that we don't have a chimney, you are welcome to post these internationally if you like.
It'll help save you some time and I don't mind at all. Really.

PSS - If you too would like to get involved you write your very own Santa Wishlist - head on over to The Jolly Jabber and enter for your chance to possibly win a gift from your list!


  1. I hope Santa is better at taking a hint than MOST men, Lara! If anyone ever deserved more fabric, it's you. LOOK AT THAT HEAP O' QUILTS! You are amazing.

  2. Ooooh Susan you are toos weet! You deserve lot's of fabric too! xxx


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