Monday, December 7, 2009

Done! Bot Camp #2!

Finished! Gus' quilt is another one I can strike off my list!
Also made using Bot Camp by Michael Miller - 60" x 80"

And the back! I love the sprockets! They are my favourite I think!

I had a few questions in the comments of this post about how I sew the binding. I must confess to having the quilter sew the binding down for me - I didn't think I'd manage to get the quilts through my machine very well and was happy to pay a little extra. I hand stitched the binding down on each of the boys quilts. I have tried to machine bind a couple of table runners and despite my very best efforts, I fail miserably! I can't wait to wrap these quilts for my boys! Ollie's star stitching is in blue to match his binding and Gus' quilt features orange stars and binding. I thought I'd try Gus' quilt for size on Ollie's bed - I am thrilled with how it looks!

 And here is a closer shot of the quilting!

I signed up for Joy in the New Year with 10 WIP's I wanted finished before the New Year, and I am happy to report that this finish brings me to 6 WIP's to complete! I'll hopefully get another two knocked off my list tonight! Wish me luck!

Happy Sewing!

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