Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A little Bot mad...

Can ya tell? I love Bot Camp by Michael Miller so much! I whipped up this memo board this afternoon. It's something I've meaning to do for a while now and I am thrilled with how it's come together... It'll be a great place to pop their art work and photos etc...

Here's my Ollie yesterday. He likes to get really close to the camera when you take his picture.

And this is my Gus... he is the sweetest little baby around. He is near perfect. Honestly.

And this is what the postman bought yesterday... this bundle happened to just jump into my shopping cart at The Fabric Shack - some Odyssea, Hushabye, Nest, Rouenneries and Monkey n Round...  It was my second time ordering from this site and they were wonderful. Super quick service and they even included some extra bits and discounted the shipping! And they're having a SALE! 15% of your order until the 1st January! I think I might just need some more please :)

The final countdown is on until Santa arrives! Ollie is very excited! I better get the last of the gifts wrapped!



  1. You have such adorable kids, Lara! And I like your Botboard a LOT!

    I buy from Fabric Shack a lot, too and they are quick and efficient, love that! Your stack looks fun!

  2. A lovely stack of fabric there Lara! Like your memo board, I intend to make one for my sewing room in the New Year.


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