Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Absent. Minded.

In the words of the great Ronnie Barker in the closing of each Open All Hours episode - "It's been a funny old week"... (If you've never watched an episode - I highly recommend watching one! They are good for a giggle. Especially when you're feeling under the weather!)

I have been rather absent. Absent minded. And sleep deprived Work has been busy, my DP is away each week for work and the boys have both been battling ear infections and chest infections. I've suggested to our GP that we ought to pay an annual retainer. He just laughs. We are mostly there once a week (sometimes more!) during winter. Hopefully this winter will be different!

I've had a list of things to do. Things to sew. Knit. Buy. Plan. I am sneakily planning a surprise 30th for the DP and also trying to plan our wedding day. We've not really done too much to date but book the venue. But my MIL and I did go on a road trip to Palmerston North to buy my dress fabric. And bridesmaid fabric. I am going with burnt orange. At the moment. It was hard choosing a colour that hadn't been done by our friends. We have been to a LOT of weddings in the last few years and they've all been lovely. Not to mention I've been a part of 4 of them and have gleaned some vital tips from the brides.

Anyway, here is my finish so far this week...

(Please excuse the boy robot sheets!)

This is on it's way to Australia this Saturday... just in time for my bestie who is being induced on Saturday and will welcome their third child but first wee girl.
And my favourite Hushabye print for the backing... It's a pity that it wasn't centred properly but I still love it! My LAQ used a gorgeous paisley print which echoed the fabric beautifully. This quilt made me want *more* Hushabye. I love Tula's attention to detail. She is AMAZING. Pity I have no real *need* for anymore but it was nice to play with pinks for a change!!

I've got another quilt to hand sew the binding on... that'll have to be a job for tomorrow night!

Happy sewing all! If you've made anything with Hushabye - please send me a link! I'd love to see! Otherwise if you are a closet Open All Hours fan too - let me know :) I just love that show!


  1. Sounds like you're having a hard time with sick boys and being on your own. Hope you get a little quality sewing time to yourself once they are tucked up in bed. The baby quilt has turned out beautifully.

  2. I love "Open All Hours"!!!!! Childhood memories for me, watching it with my Mum (yes, I didn't understand most of the humour!).

    That baby quilt is beautiful! Your friend will be SO pleased!! And cuddles to your poor boys. It will get better soon and you'll reminisce about when they were always at the docs. Honest!!

  3. this looks so did an amazing job. it is always nice to have a quilt to make for someone that you know will give it a great home. i bet your friend and her new little baby will get much happy use from this.

  4. I used to love "Open all hours". Gorgeous quilt, love the Hushabye, I've not used any of that, to pastel for anyone here (though I like it).


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