Monday, April 5, 2010

What do you reckon? And Happy Easter!!

So I am not very good at mishing and mashing prints and fabrics together. I tend to stick to one fabric range per project. It's my safety net and I like it! But then I saw this quilt that Allison made for her boys on Cluck Cluck Sew and I fell in love. I bought the pattern immediately and last night I pulled out all my boy fabric... What do you think? You reckon these would work well?

I must admit that most of these are Michael Miller prints. But there is a few random prints in there...

Hope you are all having a wonderful Easter Weekend!! On Thursday my little baby turned one! Here he is the day we bought him home from the Neo Natal Unit

And here he is on his last night of being a baby (although I think it's fair to say he'll always be my little baby!)

I've got a new project on the go for a friend and will share some pictures soon! I still haven't finished Aphra's Starflower quilt and her birthday is today! So I think I'll just keep plodding along and get it done as quickly as I can!


  1. I'd just been admiring that pattern myself! I think what you've pulled out would look great together! What will your background colour be?

  2. oh that quilt is the fabrics you pulled

  3. This will be a beautiful boy quilt that he will love forever! A big hug from mama to wrap himself in!

    Many Happy Returns of the Day!

  4. Happy Birthday Gus! It's going to be a lovely boyish quilt!


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